Bridging Machine Communication Gaps

4 answers to NC post-processing questions for multi-axis equipment. Many people believe that when they buy a sophisticated, highly-capable computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine, it will automatically accept computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) data and produce parts. Unfortunately, some of the most modern CNC machines cannot do that.Depending on the machine and controller [...]

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Global Business Reports Québec Aerospace 2015 John Nassr, ICAM President, on Adaptive Post-Processing™

Selected quotes from the interview John Nassr ICAM Technologies Could you provide us with a brief historical overview of the company and describe any important milestones that occurred along its evolution? ICAM Technologies was founded in 1971 to provide programming services to local companies servicing Canadair. By the 1980s, ICAM had specialized in CNC [...]

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20 Most Promising PLM Solution Providers, ICAM Technologies Corp.

Improving Traditional CNC Programming Productivity through Adaptive Post-Processing™ The CNC manufacturing landscape is constantly changing with the introduction of new controllers, machines and CAD/CAM products. It is a challenge for CIOs to stay on top of current trends in machine automation and spearhead the development of new products that ensure integration between the aforementioned [...]

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Automating Toolpath Optimization

Automatically applying the best path forward. BY RUSS WILLCUTT Jerry Gustafson, manager of NC programming at Valley Machine Shop, says that SmartPath saves him time both in terms of setups and reprogramming code every day Machine programmers and operators know that valuable production time is lost due [...]

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Post-Processing System Eases Technology Adoption

  Case Study From: 5/14/2012 Modern Machine Shop, Matt Danford, Editor May 14, 2012 At this aerospace manufacturer, software from ICAM minimizes time spent reworking out-of-the-box post-processors for new machines and improves confidence in part programs. NC programmer Jerry Gustafson says he expected a learning curve when Valley Machine Shop decided to implement more sophisticated [...]

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