ICAM and CNC Software Sign Business Partner Agreement for Product Integration

ICAM and CNC Software Inc. have signed a Business Partner Agreement allowing for a smoother integration between their two distinctive products. Under this agreement, ICAM has created a graphical user interface to its complete NC post-processing product suite within Mastercam.

Under the terms of this agreement, ICAM has developed a complete graphical user interface to Mastercam and its database allowing for the full integration of ICAM’s Adaptive Post-Processing™ solution within Mastercam. Doing this now provides a familiar and efficient environment for NC programmers to concurrently post-process, optimize tool-path and verify G-code, all within Mastercam and in one simple process.

Adaptive Post-Processing Running Behind Mastercam

Adaptive Post-Processing™ is a new NC programming methodology that combines post-processing, simulation and optimization in one concurrent operation. Adaptive Post-Processing™ consists of three ICAM software products: CAM-POST® (post-processing), Virtual Machine® (machine simulation) and SmartPACK™ (automatic tool-path optimization).

The traditional CNC machine programming methodology requires a number of sequential steps to produce production-ready G-code from your CAM system. These steps normally include NC post-processing and G-code verification. The G-code verification software generates an error report suggesting changes to the original part program. This report is then analyzed, which results in revisions to the part program and then the cycle repeats itself until we are content with the G-code for a given CNC machine. This is a manual, time-consuming, costly and ineffective process, which drives up the cost of programming and production.

In sharp contrast to the above, ICAM’s new Adaptive Post-Processing™ solution allows you to AUTOMATICALLY and CONCURRENTLY perform all of the advanced NC Post-Processing functions PLUS deliver the most accurate verification available today. The result? 25-35% reduction in NC programming and machine cycle-time and consistent production of verified production-ready G-code every time, WITHOUT repetitive manual intervention. All ICAM products are scalable and modular, so you can purchase what you require and upgrade later.

Custom Multi-Axis NC Post-Processors and Simulators Mastercam

ICAM offers advanced custom multi-axis NC post-processors and integrated machine simulation solutions for simple 3-axis mills as well as complex 5-axis mills & mill/turn applications for Mastercam users.

All NC post-processors and machine simulators are created using CAM-POST® and Virtual Machine® – ICAM’s advanced NC post-processing and machine tool simulation solution, respectively.

Customers can leverage ICAM’s extensive NC post-processing expertise with advanced multi-axes machining applications and techniques such as path planning, high-speed machining, tool-tip programming, coordinate frame transformations, NURBS interpolation and arc fitting of point-to-point data, to increase productivity and maximize production efficiency.

Within the context of this partnership, ICAM has developed a Mastercam Extractor featured within Virtual Machine. Mastercam Extractor allows for the automatic data extraction of the tool, part and stock including fixtures and holders, as described in Mastercam X2 and later. This enables NC programmers to easily and efficiently create machine simulation sessions.

Deploying Virtual Machine as an integrated option to ICAM post-processors, delivers a powerful machine tool simulation solution providing Mastercam programmers with the means to simulate and test NC programs against collisions and over-travel easily and automatically during post-processing.

Mastercam programmers can obtain high-quality and proven ICAM post-processors that support all major machine tools and controllers. Mastercam users can also benefit from ICAM’s Adaptive Post-Processing™ solution that allows for advanced NC post-processing, machine tool simulation and verification as well as G-Code simulation within a single integrated software platform.


ICAM’s G-code Verification Finds Collisions Undetected by CAM System – Part 1

This video will demonstrate the key differences when comparing Mastercam tool-path simulation to ICAM’s G-code verification product.

ICAM’s G-code Verification Finds Collisions Undetected by CAM System – Part 2

This video will demonstrate the key differences when comparing Mastercam tool path simulation to ICAM’s G-code verification product.

ICAM’s Mastercam Extractor Facilitates Machine Model Creation

To facilitate machine model creation inside ICAM’s Virtual Machine, ICAM’s Manufacturing Extractor allows for the automatic extraction of parts, stock, tools, fixtures and holders directly from Mastercam.