Top 5 Signs You’re Running a Bad Post-Processor

From the Experts at ICAM

We compiled some of the most common problems that our clients have before switching to an ICAM solution to let you know if you have a bad post-processor.

1. You need to manually adjust TOOL compensation values.

 TOOL compensation management is included with all ICAM posts.

2. You need to manually add or adjust COOLANT/PRESSURE M codes to your G code.

Generic posts don’t support specific COOLANT/PRESSURE M codes, that’s why ICAM posts include support for all types of COOLANT/PRESSURE M codes as well as the unlimited ability to define custom COOLANT/PRESSURE M codes.

3. Your G code is missing TOOL LIST data (TOOL name, dimensions, type…).

All ICAM posts include full TOOL LIST information and implicit TOOL/OPERATION names that are easy to find and even easier to use.

4. Your Head/Table 5-axis mill is leaving dwell marks on your workpiece.

ICAM posts include automatic avoidance of dwell and singularity conditions.

5. Your Head/Head 5-axis mill tilts the workpiece to the back of the machine; obstructing your view.

With the click of a button, all ICAM posts include the ability to define a ‘preferred angle’ that is customized to your machine, ensuring the workpiece always stays within view of the operator.

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