ASCO Chooses CAM-POST® Over Alternate Solution

ICAM Technologies Corporation, has once again demonstrated that CAM-POST® is the CAD/CAM industry’s leading NC post-processor technology upon welcoming ASCO Industries of Belgium as a new user.

At ASCO, CAM-POST licenses were purchased to replace the competitive post-processing solution which was originally supplied by IBM/Dassault Systèmes for their CATIA® CAD/CAM system.

Known for its easy-to-use macro language, and its built-in, menu-driven expert system, CAM-POST has allowed ASCO to meet the demands of its advanced, multi-axis NC machinery requirements previously not met with the alternate post-processing solution. According to the CAD-CAM Manager at ASCO, “CAM-POST has proven to be one of the most intelligent and versatile tools we use to integrate our manufacturing process.” CAM-POST not only interfaces to all of ASCO’s NC machinery, but also provides them with a front-end interface to CADDS 5 and GNC, the other popular CAD/CAM systems ASCO uses.

ASCO is one of Belgium’s more highly respected contractors for the aerospace industry with a solid international reputation for high-precision engineering. ASCO’s main operations include the machining, treatment, and assembly of steel and titanium high-precision components. In addition, ASCO currently manufactures aircraft landing gear and complex wing parts for companies such as Airbus Industrie, The Boeing Company, Canadair Group, British Aerospace Ltd., and Embraer of Brazil.