Optimizing composite trimming with Adaptive Post-Processing

Based in Western Cape, South Africa, AAT Composites began producing composite parts for local aerospace and defense industries in 1983, before expanding its offerings into international markets like aviation, marine, automotive, and signage. Now owned by RECARO Aviation Seating, they've established themselves as a market leader in the manufacture and design of innovative composite parts for the high-end automotive and aviation industries. We sat down with [...]

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Post-to-Post: ICAM’s Makino MAG3 Post-Processor vs the Competition

Twin-turbo V8. 600 Horsepower. Mountains of torque. But without quality racing tires, you're not putting the power to the road and you're certainly not winning any races. Much the same can be said about NC machine tools: All that power, precision & kinematic range is wasted if your post-processor wasn't designed to handle it. But [...]

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Why You’re Spending Too Much Time on Machine Code – And Always Have been

For as long as there have been CNC machines, there has been Machine Code. Over the years it has come in many shapes, sizes and flavours, but the bottom line remains: you need a way to feed precise instructions to your machine in return for reliable and repeatable behaviour. But in order to quench manufacturers' [...]

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System Requirements for ICAM V22-23

V22 Supported Operating Systems V22 will not work at all on Windows OS earlier than Windows 7 or Server 2008R2. System Requirements for GENER Post-Processing only (no simulation) Minimum OS: Windows 7 SP1 X86 CPU: Intel COREi5 family 2.8Ghz GPU: Intel or AMD integrated RAM: 2GB Recommended OS: Windows 10 x64 CPU: Intel COREi7 family 4Ghz or faster GPU: GPU Intel [...]

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What our customers are saying – Desktop Engineering Customer Video

Desktop Engineering Geoff Haines Managing Director Desktop Engineering Implementing ICAM’s Adaptive Post-Processing™ Solution, AVPE and Shape Machining have increased machining efficiency, while reducing NC programming and machine cycle times! Check out our video from Desktop Engineering  - ICAM’s official dealer in the UK [...]

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AVPE Implements ICAM Post-Processing Solution to Streamline Manufacturing Operations

Oxford, UK, 4 June, 2015 – Desktop Engineering (DTE), a leading engineering software solutions provider, has supplied Avon Valley Precision Engineering (AVPE), a high quality precision-engineered component manufacturer for the Aerospace industry, with CATIA V5 Airbus Manufacturing and an ICAM CAM-POST NC post-processing solution to enable it to optimise the 3, 4 and 5-axis milling [...]

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ICAM’s Dealer, DTE Supplies Shape Machining with Instant Business Efficiencies

Via CATIA and Post-Processing Solution DTE has provided Shape Machining (Shape), a multi-axis advanced technology machining company, with CATIA V5 Machining and an ICAM CAM-POST NC post-processing solution to enable it to optimise the functionality of its existing CMS 5-axis technology. Founded in 2014, Shape machines epoxy tooling block patterns, metal moulds, structural foams and [...]

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Triumph Aerostructures and the need for flexible post-processing

  Triumph Aerostructures – Vought Aircraft Division, a subsidiary of Triumph Group, Inc., is a leading global manufacturer of aerostructures for commercial, military and business jet aircraft. The company has full fabrication capabilities and available products include fuselages, wings, empennages, nacelles and helicopter cabins. The company’s customer base consists of the world’s leading aerospace OEMs. [...]

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Valley Machine Shop Increases Manufacturing Efficiency with SmartPATH

      Montreal, November 14, 2013 – ICAM Technologies Corporation (ICAM) announces that it has successfully implemented and tested its new SmartPATHTM technology at Valley Machine Shop (VMS). The results yielded a significant increase in programming efficiency and reduction in machine set-up time. VMS, located in Kent, Washington, manufactures small to large aerospace [...]

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VMS Increases Productivity with ICAM’s Post-Processing Solution

      February 12, 2012  Valley Machine Shop Inc. (VMS), located in Kent, Washington, manufactures small to large aerospace details and assemblies and has specialized in CNC Milling and Turning applications for over 30 years. VMS uses mainly Mastercam X6 for its part programming, employs 60 people and operates twenty 3-5 Axis Mill & [...]

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