Create, save and switch between layouts in GENER

If you are in debugging mode in GENER, it is useful to arrange various windows like Input, Output, Macro, Console, Variable, Source, etc. as shown below. This helps you to keep an eye on different components of post-processing at the same time to try and debug any errors.


On the other hand, if you would like to quickly post-process, it is efficient to just have the console and Output windows arranged like below.



To quickly switch between different layouts like this, you can make use of ‘save layout’ and ‘load layout’ options in the GENER menu ‘Window’.


GENER allows you to save up to 5 different layouts. You can quickly access and switch between various layouts by using this toolbar:


Benefit to user

  • Allows you to quickly switch between layouts depending on need
  • Saves you post-processing time when purely post-processing, if you switch to your custom-defined layout that doesn’t have too many windows in it
  • Facilitates faster debugging if you switch to your custom layout that shows different windows like Macro, Input, Source, VM Machine, etc.

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