Did you know that CAM-POST V21 has a new interface that allows integration with Mastercam for Solidworks?

The new interface is used to “extract” the necessary data from the Mastercam for Solidworks prior to launching the simulation process (either GENER for running a graphic post-processor, or CErun for G-code simulation).

To setup CAM-POST to run within Mastercam for Solidworks, you must do the following:

    1) Make sure Mastercam for Solidworks is installed correctly and Verify Mastercam for Solidworks Add-ln can be started by defaut (both front and rear check box)


    2) Launch Start > Programs > ICAM Productivity Tools V21 > Setup > Kits >Mastercam

Select the options for running GENER and choose the database containing the post processors, VM model and CE. In the GENER tab, select Mastercam for SolidWorks version to use.


    3) Register the ICAM Extractor for Mastercam for Solidworks,

Subsequently, the ICAM Extractor will be shown as a sub menu under “Tools”.


Product geometries can be preset as Part/Stock/Fixture in two ways:

  • If the Visible solid object name contains the string “Part”, “Stock” or “Fixture”
  • If the folder name contains the string “Part”, “Stock” or “Fixture”

Benefit to User.
Fully integrate ICAM simulation with Mastercam for Solidworks .

For more information or comments, please do not hesitate to contact Phil at TechTipTuesday@icam.com