Do you know how to add an optional or conditional stop?

It may be of use to add a stop after operations for quality inspection of the tool(s) or part. It can also be used to stop to check for the tolerances on the work piece before going to the next operation. There are many uses to have an optional stop before the next operations or at any other time you wish to have the machine stop.
Note: The machine will only stop if the ‘Optional Stop’ toggle switch exists, else, the machine will ignore the command from the tape.

  1. Start by opening your post processor in Quest;
  2. In the navigation panel, go to Optional Post-processor Words > The OPSTOP Command;
  3. Check the box for Question 1.00 to enable OPSTOP command. You may change the M code on Question 2.00. You may choose to have Quest automatically output an OPSTOP command after certain operations; however, it is recommended not to check the boxes since you do not have full control on the command.
  4. Instead of checking the boxes in Quest and as long as you have OPSTOP available, you can force OPSTOP by coding it into different macros. For example, you may want to have an OPSTOP before a new tool change, then you would code ‘OPSTOP’ inside the Tool change startup macro.