Do you know how to add your machining time per tool?

Having an indication of the machining time of each tool can help keep track of the tool’s life. Tool wear is a very important parameter when machining especially if you have tight tolerances.

Here’s how you can add machining time after each tool use:

  1. Start by opening your post processor in Quest;
  2. In the navigation panel, go to Post-processor Customization > Startup/Shutdown Procedures;
  3. Expand the section by pressing on the ‘+’. You may add the machining time anywhere you prefer, for now, the machining time will be shown after every use of the tool. Therefore, we will make use of the Tool change startup macro;
  4. Inside the main window, make a new macro by selecting -Custom Macro;
  5. Copy the following macro inside the blank window;

$$ Machining time of previous tool
DISPLY/‘Previous cutting time: !(e3:2:2)’,$TLSUM(1,$TI)

  1. Press ‘Compile’ and press ‘OK’ to return to the Tool change startup macro;
  2. Select the new custom macro (single mouse click on the item), then drag it to re-position when the time will output. Putting the macro at the top will have it output before the stop codes of the previous spindle.

You can also add the total machining time at the end of the program, here’s how:

  • In the Machine shutdown macro, select Display current mach. time from the Actions menu.
  • This will create a predefined macro, which you cannot edit. It should automatically be placed at the end of your macros.

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