Do you know how to change your maximum tool number?

Different machines can hold numerous amount of tools. However, the tool numbers can be an arbitrary number. You can have tools ranging from 1 to 7777. There is no limit to what number you call your tools.

Here’s how to change your maximum tool number:

  1. Start by opening your post processor in Quest;
  2. In the navigation panel, go to General Description > Registers;
  3. Locate the register responsible for Tool. You can find this by looking at the last column, Uses. The most common register for tool call-out is T.
  4. Inside the register window, change the Precision value to any number you need. This will increase the maximum amount of integers for that specific register;
    ie.: If your precision is 5, then you are able to have values up to 99999.
    Note: You can use the Test section to verify the output.
  5. Next, in the navigation panel, go to Machine Description > Tool Change;
  6. Change Question 100.00 to any number of tools you require. You can also put the maximum value limited by the number of integers of the register.
    i.e.: If your precision is 5, your maximum tool number can be up to 99999.

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