DueZero and ICAM to Team-up in Italy

ICAM Technologies Corporation announced today that it has signed a Software License Marketing Agreement with DueZero, to distribute ICAM NC post-processing solutions in Italy.

Under the agreement, DueZero will distribute and support a full range of CAM-POST® NC post-processors to its growing manufacturing customer base in Italy.

“DueZero is committed to offering quality manufacturing consulting services,” stated Massimo Mateotti, President of DueZero ”We need the best solution in the market today for Post-Processing, to be able to offer a reliable product to our customers.”

“Teaming up with a growing company like DueZero, secures our commitment to deliver the level of customer service and support that ICAM clients have come to expect,” says John J. Nassr, President of ICAM “The Italian market is well defined and is growing. It has always been important to us, and we feel that DueZero and ICAM will make a formidable team.”

DueZero distributes IT products to major Italian manufacturers including Delchi Carrier, Lamborghini and Giacomini to name a few. For a new company DueZero has enjoyed spectacular growth and success thanks in part to its ability to offer clients cutting-edge technology.