What is the easiest way to submit problem reports to ICAM?

Whenever you need to report a software issue to ICAM Technologies, the easiest way to submit all the necessary information is to use the “Package Job” feature. This feature has been introduced in CAM-POST V20. It is available in the GENER and CeRun full interface.

You can run this feature in three ways:

      1. From the top menu bar, select File → Package Job,
      2. Use the Ctrl + K shortcut,
      3. Activate the icon illustrated below.

You can run the “Package Job” feature at any time during post-processing or control emulation. When activated, this function saves the current processing state and all associated files into a compressed archive file (i.e., ZIP), suitable for e-mailing to ICAM Technical Support. The compressed archive will include the post-processor or the control emulator and machine model, the interface kit, the input CL or MCD file(s), the simulation data, as well as all the listing and log files generated to that point. A “job_info.html” file is also created, which extracts system information, ICAM environment variables, ICAM licensing information and the GENER or CE command line options.

To run a packaged job, simply extract the contents of the compressed archive to a folder and run the extracted “job.cpj” or “job.rpj” file.

Benefit to User
Simplify the submission of problem reports to ICAM Technologies.

For more information or comments, please do not hesitate to contact Phil at TechTipTuesday@icam.com