EDS – Rolls-Royce Aerospace Group choose CAM-POST for Corporate NC Post-Processing

ICAM Technologies Corporation, the CAD/CAM market’s leading developer and supplier of NC post-processing solutions is pleased to announce that Rolls-Royce Aerospace Group, through their association with EDS, has chosen CAM-POST® as their NC post-processing solution for their manufacturing sites in the United Kingdom.

In all, over 60 CAM-POST® licenses were purchased by Rolls-Royce, thus demonstrating once again that CAM-POST is the choice of the world’s top manufacturers when advanced post-processing technologies are sought for multi-axis machining.

CAM-POST is world renowned as the optimum NC post-processing solution on the market today. Its purpose is to transform the cutter location (CL) file of all major CAD/CAM systems into specific machine codes which are required to operate all types of numerically controlled (NC) machinery.

Rolls-Royce specializes in designing, developing, manufacturing, and supporting gas turbines for civil and military aircraft. Rolls-Royce is also one of the world’s major aero engine producers, meeting the needs of airlines, corporate and executive operators, and military forces around the world. Rolls-Royce supplies engines for long-haul civil aircraft, regional aircraft, business and corporate aircraft, military fixed-wing aircraft, and military and civil helicopters.

EDS and Rolls-Royce Aerospace Group signed a 10-year strategic partnership agreement in December 1995, under which EDS will provide Rolls-Royce with IT systems and Computing Support in a business improvement program.

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