Efficient debugging in GENER using options in Macro Manager Dialog

The Macro Manager dialog provides options to enable or disable the execution or tracing of any macro.

  • There are also options to turn on (or off) the system variables affecting the processing of startup and shutdown macros for cycles, motion, operation event and tape macros. These system variables are grayed out if their corresponding macros are not defined

  • Of course, changing the execution state of a macro will affect the output of the post-processor. So, it has to be done with care
  • However, changing the tracing option for any macro will not affect the output and can be helpful in special debugging circumstances
  • Also, there are checkbox options to hide or show composite post-processor component macros, external before / after macros, post-processor macros and Virtual Machine macros. Checking or unchecking these boxes will not affect the results of the post-processor
  • The changes made here are only applicable for the current GENER session

Benefit to user

  • Allows you to turn on or off the execution or tracing of any macro in the current GENER session
  • Saves you debugging time because you can setup the Macro Manager so that GENER only executes or traces only the macros that you would like to

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