Embraer to Fuel Aircraft Production with CAM-POST® 2000

ICAM Technologies Corporation is pleased to announce that Brazilian aircraft giant Embraer has chosen CAM-POST 2000, ICAM’s industry-leading NC post-processor development tool, for their 1,500,000 square meter plant in Sao Jose dos Campos.

To meet tight production schedules, Embraer will standardize on CAM-POST throughout their entire manufacturing operation. CAM-POST will be used to develop NC post-processors for CATIA and IMax-Mill CAM files.

Embraer Systems Engineer Amauri Corrêa describes CAM-POST as “easy to learn, easy to use. We can now use the same software for different CAM systems and it is very powerful. One of the main reasons to buy CAM-POST is the excellent support and their readiness to answer any questions during the evaluation process. Other competing companies would take days to answer any inquiry.”

“We are looking forward to working with Embraer,” adds John J. Nassr, President of ICAM. “We believe that CAM-POST has always been especially successful in the aerospace industry because we take the time to listen to our customers. This philosophy not only helps us develop better products, it also puts us in a position to help our customers compete more effectively.”

“CAM-POST is a great tool, but in the aerospace industry that’s not enough – here you have to demonstrate a commitment to the success of your customers. That’s our objective with Embraer.”

CAM-POST NC post-processing software generates programs that transform CAD/CAM cutter location (CL) files into the specific machine code required by NC machines. CAM-POST works seamlessly with all major CAD/CAM systems, hardware platforms, and NC machines to deliver support for up to 15 axes of control. CAM-POST 2000, ICAM’s latest release, offers High Speed Machining support and emulation, an option that can dramatically improve the performance of almost any NC machine. 2000 also features a number of other technologies designed to make machining faster and more accurate, including NURBS fitting, Tangential Arc fitting, and LINTOL rotary turnaround.

Embraer ( www.embraer.com) with over 7,000 employees, is one of the largest aeronautical companies in the Western Hemisphere. With headquarters in São José dos Campos, Brazil, and subsidiaries in the U.S., France and Australia, Embraer manufactures commercial and military aircraft for the global market, including the ERJ 135 and 145 regional jets, and the AMX surface attack aircraft. In the past 30 years, Embraer has produced and sold more than 5,200 aircraft. Exports surpassed US$ 1.2 billion in 1998, making Embraer Brazil’s second largest exporter.