How to ensure that CATIA uses the appropriate ICAM PPTable

The standard ICAM PPTables (inches and metric) included with the default CATIA installation may not be always up-to-date with the particular version of CAM-POST you are running. Therefore ICAM strongly recommends replacing them with the PPTable files provided with each release of CAM-POST.

The following steps outline the procedure for updating the ICAM PPTables for CAM-POST v20.0.

    1. Copy the following two files:

  • C:\Program Files\ICAM V20\kit\CATIA\ICAM-V20-INCH.pptable
  • C:\Program Files\ICAM V20\kit\CATIA\ICAM-V20-MM.pptable

inside the “Startup\Manufacturing\PPTables” folder of your CATIA installation directory.
(example “C:\Program Files\Dassault Systemes\B22\win_b64\startup\Manufacturing\PPTables”).

    2. To update your CATProcess, edit the Part Operation properties and click the



    3. In the Machine Editor dialog, select the

Numerical Control


    4. Pull-down the Post Processor words table option and select either one of the two PPTables copied at step 1.

    5. Press


    to exit the Machine Editor dialog then press


    again to finish the Part Operation setup.


    6. Compute all toolpaths using the Forced computation option if required.

Benefit to User
Ensure that CATIA uses the ICAM PPTable compatible with the version of CAM-POST in use.

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