Ferrari S.p.A – Implements CAM-POST® Post-Procesor

ICAM Technologies Corporation , developer and supplier of the world’s most advanced NC post-processing solutions, is pleased to announce that Ferrari S.p.A. (automotive division)in Maranello, Italy has selected CAM-POS® as its corporate NC post-processing solution.

With the cooperation of DueZero, ICAM’s authorized dealer in Italy, ICAM Technologies will provide Ferrari S.p.A with CAM-POST NC post-processing development tools including modules of NURBS and Arc Fitting, to pilot their many complex machine tools including: 5-axis mills, 4-axis lathes, and 5-axis mill turns. Ferrari S.p.A will use CAM-POST to craft some of the world’s most luxurious sports cars such as the 360 Modena, 360 Spider, 456M GT and GTA, as well as the 550 Maranello.

“We are delighted to be working with a company that has been the cornerstone of high performance automotive engineering for more than 50 years,” said John J Nassr, president of ICAM Technologies. “Ferrari S.p.A. has always had an enviable reputation for excellence while guaranteeing the highest levels of technology and quality.”

For over three decades ICAM has been contributing to the evolution of NC post-processing technology by consistently supporting the latest multi-axis NC machinery and the most advanced CNC controls. ICAM has also redefined NC post-processing by introducing new, innovative NC machining productivity tools, such as: NURBS, Arc Fitting and High Speed Machining. Manufacturers worldwide thus benefit from ICAM’s trusted “Best-in-Class” NC post-processing technology and focused expert support staff, to provide a solution tailored to their specific needs .

About Ferrari

In 1947 Enzo Ferrari released his first car the 125 S. Throughout the last five decades, Ferrari has grown to include a larger plant in Maranello, Formula One facilities and offices located in Modena, Italy. Current output for the automotive division is limited to fewer than 4,000 cars per annum to ensure the most advanced technology to production while maintaining the cars traditional exclusivity.

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