GROB G550 Post-Processor & Machine Simulation

The G550 universal machining center form German machine tool builder GROB is an incredibly capable CNC machine used throughout the automative and aerospace industries. Its popularity lies in its unique design, balancing stability and range of motion in an efficient and compact footprint. It’s no surprise then that we here at ICAM have built a number of custom post-processing and simulation solutions for these powerhouses over the last few years. As is the case with all our custom software, we sit down with each client individually, building the solution from the ground up around their machine options, CAM process and workflow. That’s how we can assure all of our users are getting the most value from their machines. What’s more we’ve also incorporated our patented SmartPATH and SmartCUT technologies into these posts to provide even more savings in cycle and programming time.

All of our post and G-Code simulation solutions are fully compatible with CATIA/3DExperience, Mastercam, Siemens NX CAM, Powermill, Hypermill and more.

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