ICAM Announces a Floating License for CAM-POST®

ICAM Technologies Corporation is pleased to announce that a floating license is now available for CAM-POST NC post-processing software. The CAM-POST Floating License Manager is a cost-effective solution for any company that runs CAD/CAM systems in a networked environment, especially companies that run CAD/CAM systems from multiple vendors.

“We developed the CAM-POST Floating License Manager in response to the changing needs of our customers”, says John J. Nassr, President of ICAM. “By floating behind multiple CAD/CAM systems over a network, CAM-POST is now as flexible as it is powerful, which is saying a lot.”

The CAM-POST Floating License Manager is currently available for Windows 95/98/NT running over a local area network (LAN). CAM-POST software will soon float over any supported platform off an NT server.

CAM-POST NC post-processing software generates programs that transform CAD/CAM cutter location (CL) files into the specific machine codes (G&M codes) required by NC machines. CAM-POST works seamlessly with all major CAD/CAM systems, hardware platforms, and NC machines to deliver support for up to 15 axes of control.

CAM-POST 2000 now offers High-Speed Machining support and emulation, an option that can dramatically improve the performance of almost any NC machine. CAM-POST 2000 also features a number of other technologies designed to make machining faster and more accurate, including NURBS fitting, tangential arc fitting, and intelligent alternate tool path selection.