ICAM Announces the Launch of Virtual Machine™ its NEW Machine Simulation Product

ICAM Technologies Corporation announced today the release of its new machine simulation product Virtual Machine. Virtual Machine unites ICAM’s advanced NC Post-Processing software CAM-POST ® with graphical machine tool simulation to create a single integrated solution.

Virtual Machine is a revolutionary new product that enables manufacturers to post-process and simulate NC machining at the same time and within the same product. The integration of these two technologies allows for a block-to-block detection and repair of problem areas such as collisions and over-travels. This in turn, limits the need for live testing on the machine tool, saving material, time and money.

“Virtual Machine has allowed us to deliver a superior and unique product, one that incorporates graphic machine tool simulation and NC post-processing into one integrated package that shortens the production cycle and speeds-up part delivery,” said John J. Nassr, President of ICAM. “We have worked diligently to deliver a high-quality solution to the market that would complement our existing product line of NC post-processing tools, and this new product is the result of those efforts.”

Benefits of Virtual Machine

Better NC Tape in Shorter Time : Because of the tight integration between Virtual Machine and CAM-POST, generated NC programs can be post-processed, verified and corrected on the fly.

Short Learning Curve:Virtual Machine is integrated with the CAM-POST user interface, eliminating the need to learn two different products or applications, and in addition there is no need to learn a new CAD system, simply import geometry from your preferred one.

Cost Effective Post-Processor and Machine Model Development:Virtual Machine works with new and existing ICAM post-processors, whether they are ICAM dedicated posts or post-processors developed with CAM-POST. Furthermore, the machine tool and controller data for both Virtual Machine and CAM-POST are stored and managed in the same database. This eliminates the error-prone and time-consuming alternative of entering the same machine and control data twice when using a non-integrated solution.

Cost Effective NC Tape Proving:Virtual Machine detects and corrects collisions during post-processing and before the part is actually manufactured. Virtual Machine detects errors between all machine and part components: heads, turrets, spindle, tool shanks, tool changers, rotary tables, axis slides, clamps, fixtures, and many other user-defined objects. This process avoids machine tool collisions and will validate machining process without having to stop production on the shop floor for dry runs, reducing scrap material and saving on tool replacement costs while increasing machining time utilization on the shop floor and improving the quality of parts and time to market.

Machine Tool Motion Inspection : Virtual Machine can be synchronized with the CAM-POST interface at any collision or over-travel error, to graphically examine the part program and tape output at the point where the problem occurred. With this powerful tool, errors that could damage the part, the tools, the fixture and the NC machine can be eliminated.

Training Tool: With its well thought out user interface, Virtual Machine is an efficient, safe and inexpensive training tool. It allows NC programmers and machine operators to learn about their machine tools and test their NC programs off-line, in a safe environment, while graphically visualizing the machining sequence along with the corresponding CL and program file.

State-of-the-Art : Virtual Machine uniquely provides a realistic graphic simulation of the machining process during NC post-processing.

“Using machine simulation to intelligently post-process, is an innovative step in the evolution of NC manufacturing software,“ said Brian Francis, Director of Research and Development for ICAM Technologies. “I’m very proud of the team here at ICAM that made it happen.”