ICAM Announces the Release of CAM-POST® 2000

ICAM Technologies Corporation announces the release of CAM-POST® 2000. With a new Floating License Manager, new features for advanced CNC controls, and a new Motif Unix interface, CAM-POST 2000 delivers an ideal combination of power and flexibility to 21 st Century manufacturing environments.

One of the most important additions to CAM-POST 2000 is the new Floating License Manager, a cost-effective solution for any company that runs CAD/CAM systems in a networked environment, especially companies that run multiple CAD/CAM systems. The CAM-POST Floating License Manager is currently available for Unix and Windows 95/98/NT.

New features for advanced CNC controls include 3 Point Circular Interpolation, expanded NURBS Fitting and CL input, a new Punch Press Pattern Recognition Cycle, CNC Threading Cycles, and 5D Drilling Cycles. ICAM has also added 15 new macro functions and commands, 20 new macro variables, 19 new post-processor configurations, new interface kits, and much more…

For Unix users, ICAM has developed an entirely new Motif interface to give Unix systems a modern look and feel. For Windows users, the QUEST Interface has been extensively updated to simplify the NC post-processor authoring process. ICAM has also added drag & drop menu commands, multi-document editing, and a completely redesigned Macro Editor.

“CAM-POST 2000 represents the future of NC post-processing,” says John J. Nassr, President of ICAM. “We’ve combined state-of-the-art technology with a superb new interface and allow the entire system to float over a network. We’re all quite pleased that we’re able to deliver such a complete solution at the dawn of a new millennium.”