ICAM Announces the Release of CAM-POST® Server

ICAM Technologies Corporation announced today the release of CAM-POST Server® , a network NC post-processing solution that allows manufacturers to execute CAM-POST NC post-processors through a server from client workstations. CAM-POST Server is a cost-effective solution for manufacturers who require the power of CAM-POST throughout their operations yet do not make sufficient demands on each PC client to necessitate a dedicated execution, or “run-time” licence.

CAM-POST ® is the worlds best selling NC post-processor development tool. Based on a 15 axis kinematic model, CAM-POST can operate with all major CAD/CAM systems and NC machines. Newly released CAM-POST Version 12 (V-12) includes such advanced options as High Speed Machining support and emulation, NURBS fitting, tangential arc fitting, and LINTOL rotary turnaround.

CAM-POST Server takes CAM-POST V-12 a step further by integrating a CAM-POST Execution Run-Time Server, which manages the execution like a printer queue, with post execution job requests coming from CAM-POST Execution “Clients.” Each post execution job request is processed in the order requested and the “client” is advised when the job is completed. The CAM-POST Execution Client allows the user to send a post execution job to the appropriate CAM-POST Execution Run-Time Server.

The CAM-POST Execution Run-Time Server and Clients run on PC Alpha or Intel Windows NT 3.51+. The system is guaranteed under the ICAM Limited Technical Support Agreement. Maintenance and support is performed by ICAM technicians through an optional Technical Maintenance Program, which offers a number of services including automatic software updates and full technical assistance. ICAM provides complete training and consultation services for all ICAM products.