ICAM to Launch Virtual Machine™ Training

ICAM Technologies Corporation announced today the introduction of training for Virtual Machine, ICAM’s new graphic NC post-processing software.

The four-day course will include lectures, exercises, hands–on participation as well as discussions and will concentrate on the subjects needed to give users an added edge in the marketplace. Training courses will be given by experienced ICAM instructors and are tailored to address issues specific to attendee’s requirements.

“By offering these training courses our customers will learn how to implement the full potential of Virtual Machine,” said Sam Chehab, Vice President of International Sales for ICAM Technologies. “We intend to replicate the successful CAM-POST training formula that has been developed over the last thirty years for our Virtual Machine training course. Our CAM-POST training courses are highly valued in the market place and we feel this is the most efficient method to properly instruct our users.”

The Virtual Machine training course will initially be offered on a bimonthly basis, with the first session scheduled for February 2003. For further information please contact your ICAM representative at (514) 697-8033.

About Virtual Machine

Virtual Machine is a revolutionary product that unites ICAM’s advanced post-processing software CAM-POST with Graphical Machine Tool Simulation to create a single integrated solution. Virtual Machine enables manufacturers to post-process and simulate machining at the same time and within the same product. The integration of these two technologies allows for a block-to-block detection and repair of problem areas such as collisions and over-travels. Limiting the need for live testing on the machine tool, saving material, time and money.