ICAM and Makino Germany Sign Strategic Marketing Agreement

ICAM Technologies Corporation (ICAM) is proud to announce that it has extended its relationship with Makino (USA) by signing a Strategic Marketing Agreement with Makino GmbH (Germany).
Under this agreement, ICAM and Makino GmbH will share respective product information and certain resources to ensure continuous compatibility and harmonious evolution of each company’s technologies.

Moreover, Makino and ICAM will also develop joint marketing efforts in support each other’s product and services in the European NC manufacturing marketplace.

This agreement will allow ICAM and Makino customers to benefit from increased support for Makino’s advanced controls and kinematics and ICAM’s leading-edge high-speed machining applications.
Nick Florea, Senior Applications Engineer at Makino GmbH says, “ICAM’s CAM-POST product allows our customers who use CAD/CAM systems to exploit the most advanced Makino machine and control capabilities. Furthermore, ICAM’s Virtual Machine enables programmers to graphically simulate their NC programs during post-processing. This allows programmers to correct and enhance their NC programs before they are fed into the machine.”

“ICAM is strongly committed to the European aerospace market in providing leading-edge post-processing solutions,” says Sam Chehab, ICAM’s VP, Sales and Marketing. With ICAM and Makino’s strengthened relationship, aerospace customers can take comfort in knowing that they will have easier access to Makino’s highly productive and accurate machines via their CAD/CAM/PLM system and ICAM’s advanced post-processing and integrated simulation products.”

About Makino

Makino is a global provider of advanced machining technology and application support for the metal cutting and die/mold industries, dedicated to driving out more costs from your manufacturing operation than any other competitive machine tool manufacturer. Makino manufacturing and service centers are located in the Germany, United States, Japan, Singapore, Italy, France, Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, China, Mexico, Brazil and India, and are supported by a worldwide distributor network

For more Information call 1-800-552-3288 or visit www.makino.com.