ICAM and Makino Sign Strategic Marketing Agreement

ICAM Technologies Corporation (ICAM) and Makino enter into a Strategic Marketing Agreement.

Under the agreement, ICAM and Makino will share technical knowledge and other pertinent resources, to allow for a functional integration of each company’s respective products.

A unified ICAM NC post-processing and machine tool simulation solution will provide manufacturing customers easier access to advanced Makino machine tool features.

Furthermore, Makino and ICAM will collaborate on key marketing strategies, as well as promote each other’s products and services in the NC manufacturing marketplace.

The agreement responds to the growing demand for a fully incorporated manufacturing solution that offers state-of-the-art technology and maximum performance for high-speed machining applications.

“Makino is recognized as a leading supplier of high-quality multi-axis CNC machines to the Aerospace and Automotive industries,” says Sam Chehab, ICAM’s VP, Sales and Marketing. “Providing an ICAM built-in NC post-processing and machine tool simulation solution will offer customers unique opportunities to proof parts at an early stage of the production cycle, improve performance on the shop floor and reduce time-to-market.”

Jeff Wallace, Senior Applications Engineer at Makino says, “The use of Virtual Machine as a pre-sales tool will give our customers a virtual look at their parts being cut on a specific machine. Also, at a post-sales level, we can deliver a proven integrated post/simulation solution from ICAM, to simplify and accelerate machine tool implementation.”