ICAM Releases The Latest Version of CAM-POST – Version 17

ICAM Technologies Corporation (ICAM) is pleased to announce that it has released CAM-POST® V17, the latest version of its advanced NC post-processing software solution.

CAM-POST V17 is an advanced independent single source NC post-processing development, management and deployment technology supporting all major CAD / CAM / PLM systems, CNC controllers and machine tools.

Superior forward-looking optimization features are offered in CAM-POST V17 including path planning, rotary axes pre-positioning and winding to optimize machining while avoiding dwell marks, over-traveling and rotary repositioning.

CAM-POST V17 also supports advanced machine tool features such as tool-tip programming, coordinate frame transformations, NURBS interpolation and arc fitting of point-to-point data.

As a standard feature, CAM-POST V17 includes a unique comprehensive “point and click” Wizard that allows even the most novice users to generate advanced NC post-processors quickly and effectively. With the use of illustrated sets of instructions, the Wizard’s unique graphic representation easily guides users through all the various steps involved when creating NC post-processors.

Furthermore, implementing Virtual Machine® as an integrated option to CAM-POST V17, delivers a powerful graphical machine tool simulation solution that enables NC programmers to graphically simulate and test programs against collisions easily and automatically during post-processing.

An advanced application that best demonstrates ICAM’s unique integrated post-processing and machine tool simulation solution is the Boeing Winnipeg 787 Program initiative.

ICAM developed an integrated NC post-processing and machine tool simulation solution for Boeing Winnipeg to manage the complex synchronization requirements of a newly installed Zimmerman 5-axes mill, trim & drill machine equipped with an M-Torres Universal Holding Fixture (UHF), more commonly known as an actuator or pod system.

Other CAM-POST V17 enhancements include support for multiple operating systems for full cross-platform compatibility, a new configuration utility that simplifies setup and maintenance of CAM-POST, direct access to the post-processor database from GENER, new Rapid Positioning Tool-tip Linearization and extensive context-sensitive on-line help from the Macro Editor.

“The key to ICAM’s success is innovation,” said Brian Francis, ICAM’s Director of Research and Development. “Listening to the needs of our current customer base and focusing on the trends in the worldwide NC manufacturing marketplace, has placed ICAM in an invaluable position to enhance CAM-POST with every new product release.”