ICAM Signs Solutions Vendor Agreement with SDRC

ICAM Technologies Corporation , a leading developer of NC post-processing solutions is proud to announce its membership in the SDRC I-DEAS Solutions Network program.

As a participant in the Solutions Network program, ICAM can promote the availability of its post-processing software to I-DEAS Master Series™ end-users in the Solutions Network Resource Guide and on the SDRC Internet Web Site. Most important, through the Solutions Network program, ICAM Technologies Corporation will provide implementation services such as end-user training, system implementation planning, customization, and database translator development, in order to help promote and ultimately standardize CAM-POST® NC Post Processors in support of I-DEAS Master Series. Effectively, the purpose of the SDRC I-DEAS Solutions Network program is to co-ordinate and facilitate the integration of complementary commercial software, such as CAM-POST with I-DEAS Master Series CAD/CAM/CAE software.

“This agreement further demonstrates to ICAM customers our commitment to support and strengthen strategic relationships with the industry’s leading CAD/CAM/CAE vendors,” explains John Nassr, President and CEO of ICAM Technologies Corporation. “We are also pleased by the level of commitment that SDRC is making in this relationship to promote ICAM products and services to its complete customer base. ICAM’s involvement in the I-DEAS Solutions Network Program will provide SDRC CAD/CAM users with a greater freedom to choose and implement our ‘best in class’ technology for their advanced NC machining requirements.”

SDRC is a leading international supplier of Mechanical Design Automation software and engineering services. I-DEAS Master Series is one of the world’s most widely used mechanical design automation systems, helping engineer’s design, simulate, test, and manufacture sophisticated mechanical products. For more information about SDRC, you can visit their web page at http://www.sdrc.com