ICAM Technologies and Dassault Systemes Sign an Original Software Development Partnership

ICAM Technologies Corporation and Dassault Systemes (Nasdaq: DASTY; Euronext Paris: #13065, DSY.PA) announced today the signing of an Original Software Development (OSD) Agreement . Under the agreement ICAM’s CAM-POST® customized (NC) Post-Processing technology will be embedded into the open architecture of Dassault Systemes’ CATIA V5R8 CAD/CAM/CAE software solution, and other Dassault Systemes solutions.

The resulting product is designed to provide a framework for both ICAM Technologies Corporation and Dassault Systemes to deliver the most robust, comprehensive solution for a wide range of customer manufacturing needs from product creation to development.

“We are especially pleased to have signed this Agreement with Dassault Systemes. ICAM’s extensive experience in the aerospace, automotive and defense industries, and our reputation for product innovation, quality, and service is well matched with Dassault Systemes,” explains John J Nassr president of ICAM Technologies. “With this agreement o ur joint customers can look forward to a next-generation solution unequaled in the industry. ”

For over three decades ICAM has been contributing to the evolution of NC post-processing technology by consistently supporting the latest multi-axis NC machinery and the most advanced CNC controls. ICAM has also redefined NC post-processing by introducing new, innovative NC machining productivity tools, such as: NURBS, Arc Fitting and High Speed Machining. Manufacturers worldwide thus benefit from ICAM’s trusted “Best-in-Class” NC post-processing technology and focused expert support staff, to provide a solution tailored to their specific needs .

“This Original Software Development Agreement is the result of years of collaboration between our CATIA customers, Dassault Systemes and ICAM Technologies,” adds Sam Chehab, Vice President of Sales for ICAM Technologies. “It is also the foundation upon which we are building a broad range of NC programming solutions to meet the requirements of CATIA customers as their manufacturing challenges evolve.”

Dassault Systemes is committed to support their customer “part to production” processes with best in class manufacturing solutions. CATIA V5’s NC Manufacturing Solutions already offer the largest portfolio of manufacturing applications available in a single system. Integrating ICAM’s state-of-the-art capabilities into CATIA V5 applications offers the user a unique and powerful solution to generate the data necessary to run their machine tools.

“We are very pleased to welcome ICAM in our integrated V5 NC manufacturing solutions. It will bring to our customers the combination of ICAM recognized post-processing expertise with highly productive V5 NC applications,” said Alain Quemat, NC Manufacturing Solutions Director, Dassault Systemes.

Dassault Systemes is the premier global 3D PLM solutions provider. 3D PLM enables customers to optimize their business Processes for Engineering, Manufacturing, Maintenance & Support, using Collaborative Workspaces to share a common product, process and resource model (PPR). With PPR, companies can capture, share and reuse Knowledge all along the Product lifecycle. The open CAA V5 (Component Application Architecture)allows extension and integration of this solution within multiple enterprise environments.

About OSD Partners

The Dassault Systemes OSD partnership program creates tight development relationships with industry leading software developers based on a long-term plan synergy. The OSD partner acts as an external R&D division to Dassault Systemes R&D organization and provides technology and support to be fully integrated into Dassault Systemes products.

About Dassault Systemes

Dassault Systemes is the premier global software developer for the CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM market, providing companies with e-business solutions to implement their digital enterprise, thus creating and simulating the entire product life cycle from initial concept to product in service. CATIA, ENOVIA and DELMIA solutions support industry-specific business processes to help unleash creativity and innovation, reduce development cycle time, improve quality, competitiveness and shareholder value: CATIA supports the digital product definition and simulation, DELMIA provides solutions to define and simulate lean digital manufacturing processes and ENOVIA delivers enterprise solutions that manage a comprehensive, collaborative and distributed model of the digital product, processes and resources. The combined integration creates the Digital Product life cycle Pipeline, supporting reuse of corporate knowledge. SolidWorks and SmarTeam Corp., as Dassault Systemes companies, offer respectively 3D design-centric and collaborative PDM software solutions based on Windows and the Internet. Spatial, also part of Dassault Systemes family, is a market-leading provider of world-class 3D software components and services (for 3D modelling, visualization, and interoperability) to meet the requirements of 3D in Internet-based e-commerce and B2B applications.

Information about Dassault Systemes is available at www.dsweb.com