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Shifting CNC automation into high gear
with Adaptive Post-Processing™

Discover how Toyota Racing Development broke their NC programming bottleneck, unlocking the full potential of their automation cell.

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Automatically adapt your part programs to different CNC machines with Adaptive Post-Processing™

Our software opens the door to new levels of manufacturing flexibility, by letting you shift part production between any of your machines without needing to rework your CAM file. Better yet, one post can process data from all your favourite CAD/CAM systems.

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Our all-in-one post, simulation & optimization solution easily adapts positioning motions to any kinematics, slashing programming time.


Get a sneak peek at our newest release

We're almost ready to launch the latest version of our post, simulation and optimization software. Come by booth #133217 at IMTS 2018 to have a look at our latest features.

  • Additive Machining Support
  • Improved SmartPATH Algorightm
  • Multiple views in VM
  • Improved Threading Controls
  • And much more

Smart Manufacturing & Changing Global Supply Chains

September 13th from 2:15 to 3:10, Room W192-C

Don't miss our IMTS presentation where Brian Francis, ICAM's Director of R&D, will be explaining how recent software innovations lift the barriers between the different components of your machining operations, significantly reducing your NC programming time and bringing unparalleled manufacturing agility to your existing CAD/CAM/PLM setup.

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From September 10 to 15, we'll be at IMTS East Building Booth #133217. Pick a topic and timeslot in order to book some time with an ICAM specialist. They'll give you a first-hand look at Adaptive Post-Processing, the new features in V23 and much more.