Keep Control: Reliable G-Code while upgrading to 3DExperience

With Dassault Systemes 3DExperience promising manufacturers substantial gains in efficiency, its no wonder many forward-thinking businesses have chosen to adopt it as the the core to their entire manufacturing operations. However, as is the case with any software implementation of this scale, you can’t simply flip a switch and call it a day. More likely, you’re looking at a commitment measured in months and years rather than days or weeks. This brings up a key issue from a manufacturing standpoint: Ensuring that the parts produced on their machines are consistent from one version to the next and that operations are not disturbed. Here’s a little look at how we’ve helped our users make the switch.

Cross-compatibility is king

When considering the move to an all-in-one platform like 3DExperience, its easy to overlook the optional integrations and plugins installed throughout the years, like machine simulation models and post-processors. Thankfully, the MultiCAM design of our software means the same post-processor can be run using tool-paths created with any major CAD/CAM system; great for users who, for example, use Siemens NX alongside CATIA. In the case if a user upgrading their Dassault software, we use this functionality to generate G-Code from both V5 & 3DExperience. This means that even during the transitional stage, when switching back and forth between versions, you can be sure your G-Code output is consistent.

Bringing simulation into the fold

But what about the next link in the chain, simulation and verification? Although many NC programmers are used to running a standalone solution for their simulation, the core philosophy behind 3DExperience means they’ll need to use Dassault’s own DELMIA software. At ICAM, we create Control Emulators that plug in to DELMIA, allowing the software to recreate the behaviour of a number of controllers including the Siemens 840D, FANUC 30i and Heidenhain iTNC. Detailed error reporting means that DELMIA can be run in parallel of a standalone  solution for a number of parts and their results compared. Once users are satisfied that the results are the same or better, they are ready to run our post and simulation solution in their production environment.

Power and flexibility

The road to implementing the complete 3DExperience solution is hardly straight and narrow. More than likely, you’ll be facing a fair amount of twists and bumps in the road, with occasional U-turns and pit-stops along the way. The best way to face these challenges is to be armed with software that is flexible enough to adapt to those twists and bumps. Completely integrated inside 3DExperience and backwards-compatible with CATIA V5, ICAM’s post-processing, simulation and optimization solutions do just that.

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