Did you know that CAM-POST Version 20 has macro features that simplify the output of a tooling summary at the start of the program?

A new “Print tooling summary” RMD action is available in the Machine:Startup macro to help you do just that. This macro action uses a new PPFUN/25 command to pre-load the tooling tables, and then outputs a tooling summary using PPRINT commands. Adding a DISPLY/ON or new TPRINT/ON post-processor command before the print tooling summary action will output the tool list as operator or tape comments.

A new PPFUN/25 command will scan forward in CL file (i.e., aptsource) looking for all tool change information, which is then loaded into the $TLTAB and $HLDTAB tables. A new $FTLTAB function is also is available to scan for tooling information, returning a sequence listing the tools in the order they were loaded. Either of these features can be used to generate your own tooling tables.

Finally, a new TLNAME/string command is available to define the name of the next tool to be loaded. The tool name (i.e., description) is now stored with other tooling information in the $TLTAB system variable table. Tool descriptions are included in the tooling summary.

An example of the output from a Print tooling summary RMD action appears below:

Benefit to User
These new macro features make it easier for the post-processor developer to output tooling information at the start of the program.

For more information or comments, please do not hesitate to contact Phil at TechTipTuesday@icam.com