Do you know that ICAM Virtual Machine has ability to simulate CNC machines having dynamic fixture compensation?

As an NC programmer, it is not always convenient or desirable to place the program zero at the center of a rotary table.  As a machine operator though, it can be difficult to install a fixture with the part zero exactly where the NC programmer intended it to be on the rotary table.  Modern CNC machines solve this problem by providing a dynamic fixture compensation feature that can compensate for the discrepancy between the programmed CAM position and the actual position of the part on the table.

When simulating the machine with CAM-POST GENER and/or Control Emulator CERUN, it is important that the software know if the fixture compensation at the machine is being dynamically compensated.  This information is entered in QUEST as shown below:


When enabled, Virtual Machine will dynamically adjust the fixture compensation to account for the rotary table position.

Benefit to User
Increase simulation accuracy by experimenting with part placement using dynamic fixture compensation.

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