McDonnell Douglas Corporation Selects ICAM’s CAM-POST® NC Post-Processing Technology

ICAM Technologies Corporation, the CAD/CAM market’s leading developer and supplier of NC post-processing solutions, is pleased to announce that McDonnell Douglas Corporation has selected CAM-POST® as their NC post-processing technology.

CAM-POST licenses, which were bought by McDonnell Douglas under a CAM-POST migration program for Unigraphics users, replace GPM licenses that are currently installed. As an established CAM-POST user, this latest purchase demonstrates McDonnell Douglas’ recognition of CAM-POST as the most advanced post-processing technology best suited for their multi-axis machining needs.

CAM-POST is renowned as an NC post-processing solution that is compatible with all major CAD/CAM systems and all NC machinery on the market today. Brian Beardsley, McDonnell Douglas’ Senior Specialist Programmer/Analyst notes, “Since becoming a user of CAM-POST, it has proven to be a reliable solution in addressing our complex NC post-processing needs.”

McDonnell Douglas is the world’s leading producer of military aircraft and the third largest commercial aircraft manufacturer. Aside from being one of the top manufacturers of helicopters, missiles, and sensing systems, McDonnell Douglas ranks among the industry’s largest defence and NASA contractors.

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