Messier-Dowty Selects CAM-POST® as its Global NC Post-Processing Solution

ICAM Technologies Corporation is pleased to announce that Messier-Dowty of Vélizy, France has purchased CAM-POST® Development Licenses for its production facilities in France, United Kingdom and Canada.

Messier-Dowty a member company of the Snecma Group, will use CAM-POST behind CATIA CAD/CAM Software to develop and manufacture landing gear systems for some of the worlds most advanced military and civilian aircraft and helicopters, including the Airbus, Eurocopter – Tiger, Eurofighter – Typhoon, and Boeing – F/A 18 C/D and E/F.

“Messier-Dowty is well established as the leader in landing gear systems within the aerospace industry,” said John J. Nassr, president of ICAM Technologies. “We are proud that they have implemented CAM-POST into their manufacturing facilities around the world, and we look forward to supporting their technological advances and initiatives in the future.”

For over three decades ICAM has been contributing to the evolution of NC post-processing technology by consistently supporting the latest multi-axis NC machinery and the most advanced CNC controls. ICAM has also redefined NC post-processing by introducing new, innovative NC machining productivity tools, such as: NURBS, Arc Fitting and High Speed Machining. Manufacturers worldwide thus benefit from ICAM’s trusted “Best-in-Class” NC post-processing technology and focused expert support staff, to provide a solution tailored to their specific needs .

About Messier-Dowty

Messier-Dowty, a Snecma Group company, is the world leader in the design, development and manufacture of landing gear systems. Messier-Dowty landing gear are in service on more than 16,000 aircraft making over 30,000 landings every day. The company supplies 30 airframe manufacturers and supports 600 operators of large civil aircraft, regional and business aircraft, military aircraft and helicopters. It has 2,900 employees located in eight operational sites in France (Vélizy and Bidos), the United Kingdom (Gloucester), Canada (Toronto, Montreal and Peterborough), the USA (Seattle) and Singapore.

Information about Messier-Dowty is available at