ICAM Releases the Latest Version of its Post-Processing & Simulation Solution

Montreal – September 30, 2018 - ICAM Technologies Corporation announces the release of ICAM V23, the latest version of its integrated post-processing, simulation and optimization software product line. ICAM V23 product suite provides a unique environment where post-processing, machine simulation, and rapid positioning tool-path optimization is done in a single integrated software platform. ICAM V23’s [...]

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Top 5 Signs You’re Running a Bad Post-Processor

You need to manually adjust tool compensation values. Tool length and diameter compensation play a huge role in making sure your part comes out to spec. Unfortunately, some generic posts simply output offsets with the same number as the tool. While that may be fine in some situations, more complex setups often require references [...]

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Streamline your manufacturing environment with ICAM’s Adaptive Post-Processing™ Solution

Don’t fall behind the competition, we are entering a new era in manufacturing and you will want to be ahead of the curve by maximizing your productivity and optimizing your workflow.   We have just released a new explainer video to show you how our Adaptive Post-Processing technology can help you streamline your manufacturing [...]

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Optimizing composite trimming with Adaptive Post-Processing

Based in Western Cape, South Africa, AAT Composites began producing composite parts for local aerospace and defense industries in 1983, before expanding its offerings into international markets like aviation, marine, automotive, and signage. Now owned by RECARO Aviation Seating, they've established themselves as a market leader in the manufacture and design of innovative composite parts for the high-end automotive and aviation industries. We sat down with [...]

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How TRD kicked their CNC automation into high gear by cutting programming time.

CNC automation cells are a tried and tested way of improving your manufacturing efficiency by minimizing setup and down time. But as Mike Merrill, Manufacture Engineering Manager at Toyota Racing Development found out, integrating automation into your process can also expose issues you never even knew you had. We sat down with Mike to find [...]

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GROB G550 Post-Processor & Machine Simulation

The G550 universal machining center form German machine tool builder GROB is an incredibly capable CNC machine used throughout the automative and aerospace industries. Its popularity lies in its unique design, balancing stability and range of motion in an efficient and compact footprint. It's no surprise then that we here at ICAM have built a [...]

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Post-to-Post: ICAM’s Makino MAG3 Post-Processor vs the Competition

Twin-turbo V8. 600 Horsepower. Mountains of torque. But without quality racing tires, you're not putting the power to the road and you're certainly not winning any races. Much the same can be said about NC machine tools: All that power, precision & kinematic range is wasted if your post-processor wasn't designed to handle it. But just [...]

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