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With Machine Simulation & Optimization

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Go From CAD/CAM File to Verified & Optimized G-Code in One Process

While the majority of post-processors available today simply generate G-Code from your CAD/CAM file, leaving you to verify, test and optimize the code yourself, ICAM’s CNC post-processors provide a one-step solution for machine simulation, tool-path optimization & post-processing resulting in better code in less time.

We call this innovative technology Adaptive Post-Processing™. By taking the trial and error out of the NC programming process it has helped manufacturers the world over save up to 35% in programming and machining time.

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Supports the CAD/CAM Software You Already Work With

ICAM’s Custom post-processor solutions are designed to work hand-in-hand with all major CAD/CAM systems like CATIA, NX CAM, creo & Mastercam. With less to learn about specific machine kinematics while programming , you can get to generating quality G-Code in less time.

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Compatible With All Major CNC Controllers & Machines

ICAM develops NC post-processing products supporting all major machine tools and CNC controllers including all classes of CNC equipment supporting any combination of rotary heads and/or rotary tables (Mills, Lathes, Horizontal/ Vertical Machining Centers, Merging Lathes, Multi-Tasking Mill/ Turns, Punch Presses, Wire EDMs, Water Jet Cutting Machines, Laser Cutting Machines, Plasma & Flame Cutters, Hybrid and Special CNCs).

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Optional Features Tailored to Your Manufacturing Process

Every manufacturing process has its own unique set of challenges and constraints. That’s why ICAM’s Custom post-processors are all built from the ground up incorporating only the software features that suit your needs; from simple & traditional post-processing to all-inclusive Adaptive Post Processing™ and everything between.


CAM-POST® is an advanced post-processor development software that supports all major CAD/CAM/PLM systems, CNC machines & controllers. Its advanced features allow ICAM engineers to create post-processors that deliver exceptional results.

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Machine Simulation

Graphically simulate and test your NC part programs against collisions & over-travels during the post-process. Virtual Machine® supports Mill/Turn machining centers, simulation recordings and advanced material removal detection.

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G-Code Simulation

ICAM’s Control Emulator™ with Virtual Machine® allows you to simulate and verify your G-Code off-line. Using precise machine dimensions and kinematic specifications, it detects machine collisions, alerting the programmer to the problem and allowing them to correct it.

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Tool-Path Optimization

The SmartPACK lineup consists of three optimization technologies wrapped into one convenient package. It allows you find the optimal path for rapid movements, automatically adjust feed-rate based on changing depth-of-cut, eliminate time-wasting air-cuts and more.

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Gain Skills & Insight with Post-Processor Training & Consulting

ICAM’s consultants possess the skills and experience required to meet the most complex NC manufacturing needs. From assistance with system implementations and post-processor development to custom NC programs and mentor services, ICAM’s resources offer the best NC post-processing and machine tool simulation backed by over 45 years of experience in developing NC post-processing solutions.

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A CNC Post-Processor Trusted by Industry Leaders

Relied on by businesses worldwide, ICAM’s CNC post-processor solutions reduce costs associated to programming and machining by delivering efficient, optimized G-Code in a fraction of the time required by most other post-processors.

“ICAM’s unique post‐processing and simulation products allow our customers to take full advantage our machine’s capabilities. And with ICAM’s Virtual Machine, customers can graphically simulate and test their NC programs during post‐processing; thereby, minimizing costly prove‐outs on the shop floor.”

David Modig, President of Modig Machine Tools

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