Philips Machinefabrieken Chooses CAM-POST as its Corporate NC Post-Processing Solution

ICAM Technologies Corporation , developer and supplier of the world’s most advanced NC post-processing solutions, is pleased to announce that Philips Machinefabrieken in the Netherlands has chosen CAM-POST Server® as its corporate NC post-processing solution.

Philips Machinefabrieken, an affiliate of the Philips Group, has acquired CAM-POST developmental and run-time licenses for many of its facilities worldwide. Working behind UGII and Tecnomatix’ PART on an NT network, CAM-POST Server is designed specifically to run on a Windows NT platform and receives batch post-processing jobs from various clients running on either Windows NT or Windows 95 operating systems.

The facilities in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, where CAM-POST was benchmarked against a variety of other NC post-processing solutions, are used by Philips Machinefabrieken to create, test, and purchase equipment for its manufacturing facilities worldwide. In their search for NC post-processing solutions for complex multi-axis machines, Philips choseCAM-POST because it was the only tool capable of meeting all of its post-processing requirements.

Philips Machinefabriekenis one of the leading sources for the activities of the Philips Group. With over a century of experience and capability in high-grade production systems, Philips Machinefabrieken has provided a flexible response to innovative technologies in the development of production mechanization equipment, assemblies and components for OEM customers, and tools for mass production.

The expertise of Philips Machinefabrieken covers many disciplines: mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatic systems and electronics, control engineering, optics and software. Although Philips Machinefabrieken has been an important ‘Philips-to-Philips’ supplier, since 1975, it has also been catering to a large number of external customers, now accounting for more than a third of the division’s turnover. Specialized know-how, delivery reliability and a guaranteed quality of the end product are what have helped make Philips Machinefabrieken one of the world leaders in advanced production technology.