Raytheon Aircraft Chooses CAM-POST®

ICAM Technologies Corporation has proven again that it is the CAD/CAM market’s leading developer and supplier of NC post-processing solutions, in welcoming the Raytheon Aircraft Company, as its newest corporate customer of its CAM-POST® product line.

ICAM is pleased to announce that Raytheon Aircraft, the world’s most productive manufacturer of business and military aircraft, has chosen CAM-POST as its corporate NC post-processing standard. CAM-POST has been implemented throughout Raytheon Aircraft’s major manufacturing operations for its outstanding performance in reliability and compatibility with CATIA, IBM/Dassault’s CAD/CAM solution.

In addition to producing business airplanes, Raytheon Aircraft serves government and defense organizations worldwide. Raytheon Aircraft has major facilities in 11 states and employs about 15,000 people throughout the world.

CAM-POST is the CAD/CAM industry’s leading NC post-processor generator. It transforms the cutter location (CL) file of all major CAD/CAM and APT systems, into the specific machine codes which are required to operate all types of numerically controlled (NC) machinery.