Sundstrand Chooses CAM-POST as their Standard NC Post-Processing Solution

ICAM Technologies Corporation proudly announces that Sundstrand Aerospace, a division of Sundstrand Corporation, has purchased several CAM-POST® software licenses. CAM-POST Complete Developer Licenses were installed at facilities in Rockford Illinois, York Nebraska, Grand Junction, Denver Colorado, and Singapore. CAM-POST, the worlds most powerful post-processing solution, has a special range of unique capabilities that will enable Sundstrand to optimise manufacturing efficiency and exceed current performance objectives.

Sundstrand has been a leading supplier to the worldwide aerospace industry since the mid-1940’s, when the company developed the first hydraulically-controlled constant speed drive (CSD) transmission for the US Air Force. Since pioneering the CSD, Sundstrand Aerospace has continually advanced the state-of-the-art in primary and secondary power systems with increased power output, systems integration, reduced weight, improved efficiency and increased reliability.

Sundstrand Aerospace products and systems are found on most of the world’s commercial aircraft, including Boeing, Airbus, and McDonnell Douglas passenger jets. Sundstrand is also a leading supplier for many of the world’s most technologically advanced military aircraft, business jets, transport aircraft and space vehicles.

Sundstrand Aerospace Headquarters are located in Rockford, Illinois, USA. Aerospace products are manufactured at facilities in Illinois, Colorado, Nebraska, Arizona, California, Oregon, Puerto Rico. France, and in the Republic of Singapore. Sundstrand’s research mission is to develop the technology and disciplines required to design the optimum power systems of the future.

Senior Engineers in the Design Tool Applications Group were very impressed with the possibilities CAM-POST offered for custom applications, such as its axiomatic ability to accommodate the user-defined, non-standard syntax in existing CL files to be converted in Sundstrand’s overall plan to standardise manufacturing processes. By simplifying the CL Files for integration to include only the toolpath geometry, the essential post-processor commands, and all the specific NC Machine requirements, CAM-POST performed beyond expectations, saving hours of work among other decisive benefits.