ICAM Technologies and Dassault Systemes Sign an Original Software Development Partnership

ICAM Technologies Corporation and Dassault Systemes (Nasdaq: DASTY; Euronext Paris: #13065, DSY.PA) announced today the signing of an Original Software Development (OSD) Agreement . Under the agreement ICAM’s CAM-POST® customized (NC) Post-Processing technology will be embedded into the open architecture of Dassault Systemes’ CATIA V5R8 CAD/CAM/CAE software solution, and other Dassault Systemes solutions. The resulting [...]

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Keep Control: Reliable G-Code while upgrading to 3DExperience

With Dassault Systemes 3DExperience promising manufacturers substantial gains in efficiency, its no wonder many forward-thinking businesses have chosen to adopt it as the the core to their entire manufacturing operations. However, as is the case with any software implementation of this scale, you can't simply flip a switch and call it a day. More likely, [...]

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Going to COE Orlando 2017? So are we!

For more than 3 decades, COE events have been the go-to place for CATIA users to discover the latest product innovations and see how others are implementing them. This year is set to be no different, featuring showcases from Dassault and their partners from around the world. With over 100 hours of education dedicated to industry solutions, best practices [...]

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AVPE Implements ICAM Post-Processing Solution to Streamline Manufacturing Operations

Oxford, UK, 4 June, 2015 – Desktop Engineering (DTE), a leading engineering software solutions provider, has supplied Avon Valley Precision Engineering (AVPE), a high quality precision-engineered component manufacturer for the Aerospace industry, with CATIA V5 Airbus Manufacturing and an ICAM CAM-POST NC post-processing solution to enable it to optimise the 3, 4 and 5-axis milling [...]

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Did you know that the new CAM extractors in CAM-POST V21 support Multiple Setup operations?

CAM-POST provides a series of extractor interfaces seamlessly integrated within the following popular CAM systems: CATIA, NX-CAM, Creo-NC, Mastercam and TopSolid. These interfaces are used to “extract” the necessary data from the CAM system prior to launching the simulation process (either GENER for running a graphic post-processor, or CErun for G-code simulation). The new extractors [...]

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ICAM’s Dealer, DTE Supplies Shape Machining with Instant Business Efficiencies

Via CATIA and Post-Processing Solution DTE has provided Shape Machining (Shape), a multi-axis advanced technology machining company, with CATIA V5 Machining and an ICAM CAM-POST NC post-processing solution to enable it to optimise the functionality of its existing CMS 5-axis technology. Founded in 2014, Shape machines epoxy tooling block patterns, metal moulds, structural foams and [...]

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How to convert CATIA axis system changes into Settable User Frames for Siemens 840D

The following document outlines the procedure for generating Siemens 840D settable user frames from a regular axis system change in CATIA. Normally, when an axis system change is set in CATIA, the resulting aptsource will only contain a series of commented-out lines which define the axis system transformation matrix. For example: $$*CATIA0   $$ Machining [...]

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How to ensure that CATIA uses the appropriate ICAM PPTable

The standard ICAM PPTables (inches and metric) included with the default CATIA installation may not be always up-to-date with the particular version of CAM-POST you are running. Therefore ICAM strongly recommends replacing them with the PPTable files provided with each release of CAM-POST. The following steps outline the procedure for updating the ICAM PPTables for [...]

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How to select workpiece compensation in CATIA

Workpiece compensation (e.g., G54, G55…) adjusts the axes of the CNC machine to account for the difference in workpiece origin between the as programmed origin in the CAM system and the as-setup origin at the CNC machine. Workpiece compensation provides the CNC operator flexibility in part setup, in much the same way as tool compensation [...]

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How to generate post-processor commands in CATIA

CATIA uses a PPTable to create the aptsource file that is subsequently used as input to your post-processor. This PPTable defines post-processor commands for typical functions such as tool changes, speeds and feeds, coolant, canned cycles, and so on. Occasionally though, you may need to enter a post-processor command to produce special output or to [...]

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