ICAM and Makino Sign Strategic Marketing Agreement

ICAM Technologies Corporation (ICAM) and Makino enter into a Strategic Marketing Agreement. Under the agreement, ICAM and Makino will share technical knowledge and other pertinent resources, to allow for a functional integration of each company’s respective products. A unified ICAM NC post-processing and machine tool simulation solution will provide manufacturing customers easier access to advanced [...]

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Post-to-Post: ICAM’s Makino MAG3 Post-Processor vs the Competition

Twin-turbo V8. 600 Horsepower. Mountains of torque. But without quality racing tires, you're not putting the power to the road and you're certainly not winning any races. Much the same can be said about NC machine tools: All that power, precision & kinematic range is wasted if your post-processor wasn't designed to handle it. But just [...]

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ICAM and Makino Germany Sign Strategic Marketing Agreement

ICAM Technologies Corporation (ICAM) is proud to announce that it has extended its relationship with Makino (USA) by signing a Strategic Marketing Agreement with Makino GmbH (Germany). Under this agreement, ICAM and Makino GmbH will share respective product information and certain resources to ensure continuous compatibility and harmonious evolution of each company’s technologies. Moreover, Makino [...]

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