ICAM Interfaces Post-Processing Product Suite to Mastercam

ICAM Technologies Corporation and CNC Software Inc. (CNC) announce today that they have signed a Business Partner Agreement allowing for a smoother integration between their two distinctive products. Under this agreement, ICAM has created a graphical user interface to its complete NC post-processing development product suite within Mastercam. Mastercam NC programmers can now develop integrated [...]

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Post-to-Post: ICAM’s Makino MAG3 Post-Processor vs the Competition

Twin-turbo V8. 600 Horsepower. Mountains of torque. But without quality racing tires, you're not putting the power to the road and you're certainly not winning any races. Much the same can be said about NC machine tools: All that power, precision & kinematic range is wasted if your post-processor wasn't designed to handle it. But [...]

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Did you know that CAM-POST V21 has a new interface that allows integration with Mastercam for Solidworks?

The new interface is used to “extract” the necessary data from the Mastercam for Solidworks prior to launching the simulation process (either GENER for running a graphic post-processor, or CErun for G-code simulation). To setup CAM-POST to run within Mastercam for Solidworks, you must do the following: 1) Make sure Mastercam for Solidworks is installed [...]

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How to control Left or Right 3D cutter compensation from Mastercam

Most CNC controls do not support regular Cutter Diameter Compensation (G41/G42) for 3D toolpaths. The only way to compensate for a worn 3D finishing tool is to use 3D Cutter Compensation. On FANUC controls, this feature is supported with the following codes: G41.2 (3D COMP LEFT) and respectively G42.2 (3D COMP RIGHT). The subsequent motion [...]

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Did you know you can integrate your ICAM post-processor within Mastercam?

In order to set up CAM-POST to run within Mastercam, you must run the following application: Start > Programs > ICAM Productivity Tools V20 > Setup > Kit > Mastercam X+ The ICAM Integration to Mastercam dialogue appears. This dialogue has four tabs: The “General” tab contains two sections: “ICAM Software” and “Database”. The first [...]

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ICAM offers Mastercam Training & Consulting Services

ICAM Technologies Corporation is pleased to announce that it will be offering training and consulting services, also available on-site, to Mastercam NC programmers. From Mastercam toolpath creation to the development of post-processors and G-code based simulation sessions, Mastercam users will benefit from the latest programming best-practices developed to successfully integrate their NC programs within a [...]

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ICAM Launches Gold Series Post-Processors for Mastercam

ICAM Technologies Corporation is pleased to announce the release of its Gold Series product line of ready-to-use post-processors running behind Mastercam. ICAM Gold Series products have been developed to support the most widely used machine tools and controllers with little or no editing required. As popular CNC machines are introduced into the marketplace, additional Gold [...]

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ICAM Partners with Major Mastercam Reseller in Japan – JBM

ICAM Technologies Corporation is pleased to announce the signing of a Dealership Agreement with JBM of Japan - the leading Mastercam distributor and support center in the world. Under this agreement, JBM will sell, develop and support ICAM’s integrated NC post-processing and machining simulation products behind Mastercam to the local Japanese market. Integrated post-processing and [...]

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Mastercam and ICAM sign Co-Operation Agreement

ICAM Technologies Corporation announced today that it has signed a co-operation Agreement with Mastercam of Tolland Connecticut to interface ICAM’s CAM-POST® NC Post-Processing solutions with Mastercam’s CAD/CAM software. Under the agreement, CAM-POST, ICAM’s advanced NC post-processing technology, will launch within the Mastercam menu (for release versions 8 and later). Manufacturers can now take advantage of [...]

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