Top 5 Signs You’re Running a Bad Post-Processor

You need to manually adjust tool compensation values. Tool length and diameter compensation play a huge role in making sure your part comes out to spec. Unfortunately, some generic posts simply output offsets with the same number as the tool. While that may be fine in some situations, more complex setups often require references [...]

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GROB G550 Post-Processor & Machine Simulation

The G550 universal machining center form German machine tool builder GROB is an incredibly capable CNC machine used throughout the automative and aerospace industries. Its popularity lies in its unique design, balancing stability and range of motion in an efficient and compact footprint. It's no surprise then that we here at ICAM have built a [...]

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ICAM’s Dealer, DTE Supplies Shape Machining with Instant Business Efficiencies

Via CATIA and Post-Processing Solution DTE has provided Shape Machining (Shape), a multi-axis advanced technology machining company, with CATIA V5 Machining and an ICAM CAM-POST NC post-processing solution to enable it to optimise the functionality of its existing CMS 5-axis technology. Founded in 2014, Shape machines epoxy tooling block patterns, metal moulds, structural foams and [...]

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