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We’re teaming up with ICAM users like you to create engaging multi-platform content aimed at both your potential clients and ours. To do so, we’ll be conducting on-site customer visits and filming high-quality footage and insightful interviews that highlight the real-world, everyday challenges you face in your NC programming and machining operations.

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The main focus of our visit is to film an in-depth interview with key players in your NC programming and machining operations, gaining insight into how you work, and highlighting the skills and abilities that set you apart from your competition. We’ll then edit this footage down to form one or more engaging, content-rich videos. This video content is a great way to communicate your key strengths to potential customers in an inviting and engaging way. In order to produce a professional-grade video, we will also need supporting footage including shots of shop-floor operations, machines cutting parts and other day-to-day operations.


As part of our visit, we’ll be taking a number of high-resolution photos of your shop, machines and staff in action. These photos are the ideal way to add a human touch to your story and help build a closer relationship with readers. We’re looking to shoot what you’re most proud of, whether that be a particular machine/setup, a shop-made custom holding xture you designed or a part you cut that came out particularly well.

Text & Print

In order to make the most of our visit, we’ll be using your video interview as source material for an article that tells your story in text format. This article will dive deeper into our conversation and make use of the segments of interview that didn’t make the final video cut due to lack of time. Should the content you provide prove to be particularly interesting, it can even find its way into Modern Machine Shop magazine or other publications, allowing your business to reach even more people.