Thank you for attending our ICAM Workshop Day in Queretaro

A Message from Diego

First off, I would like to thank each and every one of you for your participation in making the ICAM Workshop Day in Queretaro a resounding success. We’re very pleased with the turn-out for the event and hope that you’ve discovered some of our software advanced features, designed to generate better G-Code with fewer headaches and in less time. For those who had the chance to participate in the One-on-One with our AE, you can expect to hear back from Peter with complete answers to your questions in the coming days. I’d also like to extend a special thanks to our gracious hosts from CIDESI, who made it all possible by generously providing us a space at the brand new CENTA.

So where do we go from here? What steps should you take to get to cutting parts faster? You can start by using our handy SmartPACK savings estimator to discover just how much you can be saving by implementing the tool-path optimization solutions discussed during the Workshop. Simply replace any of the underlined values with those that best match your business process to get a clear picture of how much you could be saving with ICAM SmartPACK suite. If you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to get in touch.

Thank you all once again and I hope to hear from you soon,

Diego Baus
Business Development Manager

SmartPACK Savings Estimator

Say you want produce parts on a machine that runs hours a day, days a year. It takes hours to go from CAD to verified G-Code and minutes to set up your first machining run. After that, each part takes minutes to machine and minutes to swap in a new blank.

With programming costs of $/hour and machining costs of $/hour, You’d be saving $ every year.