Aerospatiale Implements CAM-POST as its Standard NC Post-Processing Solution

ICAM Technologies Corporation, leading developer of NC Post-Processing solutions for the aerospace industry, is proud to announce that GroupeAerospatiale of France, has chosen CAM-POST® as the corporate standard NC Post-Processor for several affiliate Aerospatiale manufacturing facilities.

Founded in 1970, and now ranked second in Europe, fourth worldwide, Groupe Aerospatiale has become one of the world’s most important manufacturers of civilian and military, aeronautical, helicopter, and aerospace products, with a total sales volume of US$10 billion for 1996. Aerospatiale’s aeronautic centres in Toulouse, Socca-Sogerma, Méaulte, Nantes and Saint-Nazaire, plus their Space and Defence Centre in Les Mureaux, and their Satellite Centre in Cannes will be using CAM-POST to meet all their complex multi-axis machining requirements. The Aerospatiale acquisition of CAM-POST was facilitated by CIMPA, an affiliate of Groupe Aerospatiale, formed in 1995 in order to respond to the groupe’s growing need for products and services, specific to CAD/CAM software through Numerically Controlled machines.

CIMPA has established a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with ICAM Technologies Corporation, supplying products and services to companies in the fields of pneumatics, space, and automotive manufacturing. CAM-POST was chosen above all on the basis of its strong MACRO language functionality, and its advanced Inverse Kinematics/Robotics motion processor, making it the most sophisticated product of its kind available on the market.