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Uwe Cliche

Robert Leblanc

Shape Machinining & AVPE
Moldmaking & Aerospace

AVPE & Shape Machining - Testimonial

Modig Maching Tools
Multi-Axis Machine Tool Builder

MODIG HHV Bar Mill Driven by ICAM’s Integrated Post-Processor & Simulator


Sérgio Fleury
Process Development Engineer
Embraer S.A.

Embraer Botucatu appreciates the efficient work provided by ICAM Technologies to develop automatic programming of our Torres-Tool Universal Holding Fixture (UHF) fitted on our M-Torres 5-axis milling machine.

ICAM’s UHF solution, integrated with our CATIA CAD/CAM system, allowed us to efficiently program different skin panels and rapidly program the Torres-Tool system. ICAM’s post-processing and machine simulation also provided us with optimized NC code that allowed us to take full advantage of our Torres-Tool UHF system.

Non-automated programming of these complex UHF systems would take days. With ICAM’s UHF solution, UHF programming can be done in only a couple of hours. Embraer can now benefit from fast setup changes and safe programs that provide high-quality parts.

Bill Gwinn
Lead NC Programmer
Triumph Aerostructures –
Vought Integrated Programs Division

After processing the APT files through ICAM, the final output (CNC code) instructs the CNC machines to mill Aluminum billets into precision aircraft components. Typically, these large complex parts have machine times measured in days, rather than hours & minutes; and that’s with three shifts of machining. Parts this big require large programs; in many cases, multiple large programs. According to Gwinn, that’s where ICAM has paid for itself. The processing time for these programs takes about half the time as the old Post-Processor.

In the case of the Cincinnati post, Triumph was faced with a unique situation where time was a key factor in building the new post for this upgrade. Fortunately ICAM was able to work with Gwinn and help develop and finalize the post in just a few weeks. “Our goal was to use the existing APT files, over 70 of them, and run them through a new ICAM Post to achieve the same tool path” said Gwinn. Since the Control upgrade would use a different tool path method; Tool-Tip vs. the previous Knuckle-Driven method, all programs required reprocessing. “ICAM did an excellent job collaborating with us to develop the Post, in order to give us an error free CNC tool path; especially with little to no changes in the original APT files.”

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Kevin Williams
NC Programmer
Precise Machining & Manufacturing

Precise Machining and Manufacturing specializes in manufacturing complex aerospace structures and assemblies. Our programming department utilizes Catia, NX, and Esprit to create complex 3-5 axis programs for a large variety of machine tools. CAM-POST software from ICAM easily enables us to generate the specific output for each machine tool we have.

ICAM’s trainer gave us a post building training session that was tailor made for our needs. There were no questions he couldn’t answer, or complex posting problems he could not easily solve. Since then the ICAM support team has given us very timely support whenever we have needed it.

We couldn’t be happier with our posting capabilities now. Thank you for everything ICAM.

Jerry Gustafson
NC Programmer
Valley Machine Shop Inc

“Prior to using ICAM, getting a post-processor running behind Mastercam for a new machine was a very slow and frustrating process. Many times we started with a very generic post and had to resolve its issues in the production environment. On the contrary, ICAM started collecting information about our machines the first time we called them. They knew the correct questions to ask and the result was a nearly working post when the machine hit the floor.

Working out any post issues was quick since we worked directly with ICAM’s post engineers, who responded quickly with changes, or explanations. ICAM’s engineers are very knowledgeable and helpful and the sales representative that managed our account contacted us regularly to make sure we were satisfied with the post. I look forward to work with ICAM on new projects the future.”

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David Modig
Modig Machine Tool Sweden

“We have been working with ICAM for many years and one of the reasons is that they understand our machines very well and that they are also very enthusiastic when it comes to new technologies. ICAM has always provided us with the best software solutions for the customer, especially to utilize their machines in the best possible way. With ICAM Virtual Machine™ software, the machining time on the parts have been reduced dramatically. This is of course why we advise our customers to use the ICAM software”

Dave Frank
NC Programming Lead
Forrest Machining Inc

I found that the CAM-POST product was able to do everything I wanted to do and even more. The application staff is extremely helpful, knowledgeable, supportive and professional. In times of crisis, the sales and development team quickly responded to our needs.”

“FMI’s move to ICAM’s technology and support resources ensures our manufacturing infrastructure is operating at peak performance. This allows FMI to consistently meet the operational and competitive effectiveness that our valued Aerospace customers demand.

Frank Moats
Sr. NC Programmer
GKN Aerospace

“ICAM was suggested by SIEMENS when our Wotan machines with 840D controls were purchased. We chose to stay with the generic post we had been using, because we didn’t think that other post-processing solutions had anything more to offer. By delaying the purchase of ICAM’s post we hindered our use of the machines for the first 4 years we have owned them. We had limited use of CYCLES and tool length offsets among other features. The turning point was a visit to GKN St. Louis where the ICAM product is used extensively. Most impressive is ICAM’s DST 5-axis HS machines.”

“Now ICAM’s CAM-POST product allows us to program without including a preset tool length; we can use CYCLE statements in any head orientation. While the CYCLE implementation sounds minimal it is in effect huge, with the old method we had to create point to point drill cycles. Tapping at a compound angle wasn’t even considered, now it is easy. During swarf milling operations we were again hampered by preset tooling, backing the machine up to make a small adjustment was nearly impossible. Replacing a tool was an adventure, we use heat shrink holders, these are difficult to accurately preset. Frequently we had to repost for new tool lengths.”

“ICAM allows us to use the controllers’ TRAORI function which in turn allows us to do away with preset tooling. Small adjustments are easily done by adding to the wear offset in the controller. “

Aaron Schwaiger
NC Programmer
C.E. Machine Company

C.E. Machine Company, Inc. is a one-stop source for all machining, assembly, and kitting needs.  Located in the heart of the Air Capital of the World, C.E. Machine has called Wichita, Kansas home for more than 40 years and is located just east of Wichita’s Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport.  C.E. Machine has a total of 25+ CNC Machines with three palletized systems totaling 161 available pallets.  AS9100 Certified.  CNC Lathes, Grinders and 3, 4, 5 Axis CNC Equipment.

ICAM has provided C.E . Machine with a comprehensive solution for post-processing and verification through their CAM-POST and integrated Virtual Machine software for both MasterCam and CATIA.  Before we purchased ICAM, programmers at C.E. Machine had to generate  NCI through the CAM software, use a third party post-processing software to post, and then import all part, stock, and tool models into a separate verification software before programs could be sent to the shop floor.  With the solution ICAM has provided, programmers now use a single software suite to do all of the above simultaneously. This saves time and removes the potential for error when moving data between the different software.  The ICAM Virtual Machine verification software has also proven to be more user friendly, intuitive, and customizable than the verification software we used previously.

ICAM has become a trusted partner who has always been available with immediate support as we have developed our post processors and virtual machines to get the most out of our machine tools.

Jonnie Fish
NC Programmer
Gardner Group Limited

ICAM’s CAM-POST NC post-processing development software allowed us to move away from using only 3-axis mills and allowed us to take maximum advantage of modern 5-axis milling machines. This enabled us to minimize the need to re-position our parts, improve our productivity and ultimately lower costs. Additionally, my ICAM sales and support contacts are always there to respond to my requests for information in a timely and efficient manner.

Jean-Charles Castellini

“ICAM has a key presence in the Aerospace industry with these advanced CAM-POST product and our goal is to integrate this advanced solution in our complex multi-axis manufacturing environment.”

Steve Eccles
Technical Manager

“The requirement for CATIA is industry driven but what really made us choose DTE was their expertise in post-processing and in particular ICAM. Overall, we looked at four different suppliers, but DTE demonstrated a professionalism and level of insight that surpassed their competitors. The CATIA/ICAM implementation has been quick and flawless and we estimate that it is now saving us more than 20% on machining time. In fact, DTE has developed a very good relationship with our programmers which resulted in additional benefits to us beyond the scope of the initial roll-out.”

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Jim Barrett
General Motors

“CAM-POST has the ability to make the machine do exactly what you want it to do. Since we have many machines, we save lots of money with CAM-POST.”

Ken Ryntz
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Special care and planning goes into manufacturing prototypes. We require a wide variety of machines to make these vehicles go from the drawing board to the assembly plant and CAM-POST has the capability and flexibility to suit our manufacturing needs.

Alejandro Valdez
Corporativo Nemak S.A. de C.V.

“We have had ICAM’s post-processor since 1996 and in all these years we have received great technical support as well as an excellent product. ”

“Our post-processor was designed to cover a broad range of CAD/CAM software at Nemak, such as UG, CATIA, I-DEAS, Cadds5 and Pro-E and it does this very, very well and very fast.”

“The objective of our CAM department is to provide fast solutions to modifications and repairs of tooling, and by using CAM-POST we accomplish this target easily and accurately.”

“We will continue working with ICAM Technologies as a strategic partner for our business.”

Bryan Holzinger
Design Engineer
Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing

“We use CAM-POST to generate the NC code for the difficult surfacing involved with the (car) body work. We are currently using Mazak 4-axis vertical milling machines, and we have Mazak 3 and 4-axis lathes. CAM-POST was set up so that we could change different variables, like table travel and maximum spindle speed, for example, to suit the different Mazak CNC machines.”

“We have been using CAM-POST for the past four years, and we have not needed to use any other post-processor, since CAM-POST is able to meet all our expectations.”

Brian Brown
Systems Engineer
Volvo Construction Equipment

“After the ownership change at our facility, management provided a new and committed vision towards the future. When I was brought on board, I was told we want a “state of the art” manufacturing system. After three months of research within the Volvo group, I arrived at the conclusion that a corporate solution did not exist.”

“After my prior experiences with ICAM, knowing ICAM’s flexibility, ICAM’s experience level of quality, commitment and experience, we realized no other post- processor would be as flexible and agile as we require. We have three CAM packages utilized at our facility in Shippensburg. We wanted one solution for three packages. Here at Shippensburg, we currently have active licenses for Wildfire IV Pro-Manufacturing, Mastercam X3, and Siemens NX6. We know that CATIA is in our foreseeable future. We selected ICAM as our partner for the future growth of our facility because of its commitment to quality, customer service (both in customer support and product development), flexibility to interface with our multiple CAM packages and ICAM’s ability to deliver customized multi-axis post-processors in a short period of time.”

“In the past year, ICAM’s commitment to customer service and quality has been exemplary – from dealing with support on our custom post- processor development to requesting a license server that could be utilized on a virtual machine. I know if I phone support my issues will be solved by the end of the day. The management at ICAM should be proud of their employees for their responsiveness, courteousness and professionalism at every level of their staff.”

“It is my pleasure to recommend ICAM to other professionals and programmers whenever the possibly arises and I look forward to continuing our partnership into the future.”


Zhiyu Zhang PhD
Assistant Research Scientist
Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics, Chinese Academy of Science

“During my NC post-processor research and evaluation, I discovered ICAM Technologies – a famous post-processor development company with a great reputation. I immediately contacted a person from ICAM China who was enthusiastic and really helped me resolve a number of technical problems we had while linking our CAM system to our CNC machines.

It is always possible to handle these complex matrix coordinate changes by creating a C-program to initiate the functions we want to address on the machine, but we are not as proficient as ICAM when it comes to writing post-processors or post-processor generators. Using ICAM’s post-processor development software, we didn’t have to work hard to deal with the basic problems related to 5-axis post-processor creation. We just had to answer the questions from the ICAM questionnaire in accordance to our machine requirements. Using ICAM’s post-processing software is easy to use and more importantly, the generated code is very safe.

I can say that it was a wise decision to choose and purchase the ICAM software. With ICAM’s post-processor generator, we have been able to implement automatic cartesian/polar coordinate machining using our Haas machine and we have also implemented special machining strategies to use oblique machining with our DMG machine. ICAM’s software solution helped us maximize the use of our machine tools, shorten processing time and improve the accuracy and surface quality of our finished parts.

After deploying ICAM’s solution and consulting its technical support team, we are no longer afraid of any manufacturing challenges. Next month, a large 5-axis ultrasonic machine tool will be installed in our facilities and we plan to use ICAM to build the post-processor and run our programs, as this option will allow us to use the machine exactly the way we want.”

Dominik Miaso

“While working through a course in manufacturing and CAM in NX 9.0 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), it became clear that in order to conclude the final portion of my course, manufacturing on a simple CNC machine, a post-processing software was required. We were tasked with the initial setup and configuration of a K2CNC machine. While doing this, the included CAM software proved to be cumbersome and it lacked what we considered to be relatively basic features for changing and customizing tool-paths. NX 9.0 CAM software was much easier to use to achieve the desired result which is where CAM-POST Foundation comes in. CAM-POST Foundation allowed us to take the output files from NX, and convert them to G-code which could easily be interpreted by the K2CNC machine since no NX compatible post-processor was available. CAM-POST Foundation made all of our more complex class projects possible and its easy to use interface allowed me to create a post-processors which worked well with our simple CNC machine and even allowed us to extend its capabilities beyond what we had previously available with the stock CAM software.”


Jerry Czarnowski
Senior Manufacturing Engineer
Raytheon Missile Systems – Arizona

“Excellent course! Ketan did an excellent job presenting the course, I would recommend CAM-POST® Basic Training to anyone that is interested to learn post-processor development.”

Hughes Missile Systems

“We use CAM-POST to generate the NC code for the difficult surfacing involved with the (car) body work. We are currently using Mazak 4-axis vertical milling machines, and we have Mazak 3 and 4-axis lathes. CAM-POST was set up so that we could change different variables, like table travel and maximum spindle speed, for example, to suit the different Mazak CNC machines.”

“We have been using CAM-POST for the past four years, and we have not needed to use any other post-processor, since CAM-POST is able to meet all our expectations.”

Tools & Equipment

Dirk Veen
Functional Application Manager
Meyn Food Processing Technology

“Meyn Food Processing Technology B.V. develops, manufactures sells and supports machinery for Poultry processing and is one of the global leaders in its specific market. The company is headquartered in The Netherlands, has Sales Offices in 13 countries worldwide and manufactures its products in four locations in Europe and the USA. Meyn manufactures most of its components in-house, for which it has an NC infrastructure in its Oostzaan location that consists of eight different multi-axis CNC machines with outsourced post-processor development.

The main 3D CAD system is CATIA V5 from Dassault Systèmes which is managed by Enovia Smarteam V5. CATIA is used for concept design, detail design and CAM programming of the newly developed machines. CATIA 3D CAD is used worldwide, while CAM programming is only done in the main location in Oostzaan, The Netherlands. During 2010 it was decided that Meyn no longer wanted to be dependent on external post-processor developers and wanted to do these developments in-house, based on state-of the art post-processor development software. For this, CAM-POST from ICAM was selected after presentations from, discussions with and a proof of concept by two different software vendors. The implementation of CAM-POST started mid-2010 and currently (May 2011) has resulted in the re-definition or new development of all required CATIA post-processors but one: the Zayer 5-axis machine is still under development.

We can say that we are really satisfied with both the CAM-POST’s capabilities for rapidly developing complex post-processors, as well as the level of support from ICAM. “

Paul Gerardy
Systems Engineer
Ingersoll Cutting Tools

“Like many companies these days, we changed ownership a few years ago. As part of the transition we lost our mainframe based CAM system and about 15 in-house developed, FORTRAN based post-processors. On top of that we had to make the transition in three months! We selected ICAM based on its proven track record and flexibility to handle the post-processing work for our new Pro/NC CAM system.”

“With the tremendous customization capabilities of ICAM, along with excellent customer support, we were able to rapidly develop a number of post-processors under extreme time pressure. There were a wide variety of machine and controller combinations to support and ICAM certainly provided the flexibility that we needed for a smooth transition.”

Wayne Lehman Jr.

“ICAM’s expertise with developing customized NC post-processing solutions for DMG machines has increased our productivity and saved us time and money. With the success of our first DMU 80P post-processor, ICAM has developed customized solutions for all our DMG machines including our very complex DMP 60S 6 sided bar machine. Using ICAM, we do not have to do any manual edits at all after posting.”

“Also, with the help of Virtual Machine, we are now able to detect over-travel limits and to avoid collisions. Thank you for providing the link from our CAM system to our DMG machines and controllers.”

Robert Huang
Fair Friend Group

“We had been searching for an NC Post-Processing solution for our 5-axis machines with Siemens Polynomial NURBS controllers for quite some time. The only solution was CAM-POST. After using it, we found CAM-POST to be very powerful and able to solve many complicated CNC machine applications.”

Bruce Haroldson

“I really like the sophisticated, flexible, powerful macro language. CAM-POST’s reliability helps do away with any possible post-processing problems.”

General Machining

Dave Ferrell
Business Unit Leader
Metalex Mfg. Inc.

I wish to express my appreciation to ICAM for the custom NC post-processor developed for our DMG DMC200FD. The diligence put forth by ICAM on this project has provided us with a post-processor that allows us to produce complicated bladed hardware utilizing simultaneous 5-axis machining.”

Indy Weerasinghe
Abcor Pty

“At Abcor Pty we fabricate parts for all types of industries including Aerospace & Defense, Electronics,Telecommunications and Automotive. We required an NC post-processing solution that could work effectively with our Neos TRICEPT 805 – 5-axis Milling machine – CAM-POST was the answer.”

Consumer Goods

Peter Bergendahl
Senior Board Engineer
Burton Snowboards

“As far as I can remember, we have always used ICAM for our processing needs and the program has always been flawless. All I can say is that we have had perfect customer service with great communication, understanding of our needs, and incredibly fast turnaround on our latest update to our Post Processor. ICAM and its products have continually helped keep our company leading the industry.”

Tracey Rohde
Project Manager
Kohler Global Faucets Division

“In keeping with Kohler’s long history of quality, it was critical we have posts developed to accommodate our advanced machining practices. ICAM not only met our challenge, they exceeded our expectations.”

“ICAM provided Kohler with an extremely talented Engineer, without whom, we would have continued to make edits after posting. ICAM’s CAM-POST is so flexible that together we were able to create highly adaptive posts for our CNC machines. Today we post and forget about it.”


Peter McCool
Managing Director
Shape Machining

The reason for purchasing the ICAM software was that it came optimized with the CATIA software machining package, which is the package of choice for us in this industry. The ICAM software installation process was faultless; the whole process was very quick, very easy and very professional.

By using ICAM, we’ve made a step change in the efficiency of our programming routines, the time it takes to program the jobs that we machine here has considerably reduced and the inefficiency and the problems we’ve had have also disappeared.

ICAM has really helped us optimize our machining process. Its taken a huge amount of time out of the programming process, prior to machining the component and compared to the previous package we’ve used, its much more reliable as well as being much quicker.

Allen McGregor
Husky Injection Molding

“A knowledgeable technical support staff is always ready to provide you with answers to your questions. CAM-POST is continually improving to keep up with today’s machining.”


Raymond Mark
Director of Manufacturing
.decimal, Inc.

“.decimal relies heavily on technology to deliver custom, patient specific medical devices to our clients around the globe. As cancer care advances, the parts we are asked to make are becoming more complex. ”

“To accurately and quickly process these requirements, the company has added Mazak 7-Axis multitasking CNCs to the facility. In parallel, the need for the other industry segments we support such as defence and aerospace, to reduce there transitional costs and schedule compression has us exploring the limits of these machines’ capabilities.”

“We needed a post-processor that would work with our CAM system to seamlessly integrate these machines into our internet based manufacturing business model. ICAM has been able to fill that need with not only a great tool but also prompt and thorough customer service.”


David Modig
Modig Machine Tool

We have been working with ICAM for many years and one the main reasons to do so is that they understand our machines very well. They are also very enthusiastic when it comes to new technology. ICAM has always provided us with the best software solutions for our customers, especially for our customers to us their machines in the best possible way. With ICAM’s Virtual Machine software, the machining time of parts has been reduced dramatically. This is why we advise our customers to use ICAM software.

Geoff Haines
Managing Director
Desktop Engineering

CAM-POST delivers improvements to part quality, production output and crucially reduces cycle time. The particular post was written for a 5-axis CMS Antares. Once the post was written and on-site, DTE had it up, running and providing business benefit within the working day. Due to the success of the first post-processor, Shape is commissioning DTE to write a new post-processor for an additional multi-axis machine tool that Shape has just installed.