Did you know that the ICAMID utility now allows you to select your license server port number?

For security reasons, some companies establish rules that forbid the explicit use of a port number when setting up licenses on a license server. ICAM has developed a Windows utility that allows port selection. With the new ICAMID utility, during a Windows Floating License Server installation, you will be given the choice of port [...]

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How to upgrade your current version of ICAM products to the latest version without a developer license?

1. Launch your current version of Gener (for example V19.0). 2. Click "Quick Start" on right side (in older versions, this button is labeled "DB manager"). 3. Right-click your database file and select "Upgrade…". 4. The system will automatically create a database file with the version number suffix appended to the name (e.g. xxxx_200.dbf). [...]

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What are the minimum hardware requirements for Virtual Machine simulation

What are the minimum hardware requirements for Virtual Machine simulation Virtual Machine is the most demanding module of CAM-POST and we strongly recommend running it on 64-bit platforms in order to achieve optimal performance. The following requirements apply to all currently supported versions of the ICAM Productivity Tools. Bare Minimum: CPU: Intel Pentium 4 or [...]

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How to install the ICAM client software in silent mode

Silent-mode installation is a way of setting installation configurations only once and then using that configurations to duplicate the installation on multiple client machines. During a silent mode installation, the installation program reads the settings for your configuration from an msi file created prior to the installation. The following describes how to install the ICAM [...]

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How to obtain the hop count for your floating license server?

If you are using a CAM-POST floating license, you may encounter situations when your network configuration has changed and the license server needs to be refreshed. This may have happen for various reasons such as computers being moved from one location to another, or IT having changed your network settings. The procedure below outlines the [...]

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Did you know that the ICAM Floating License Manager provides useful license information from the client workstation?

The Floating License Manager can be used for the following purposes: 1. Verify whether the license key has been updated   2. Find out how many licenses are currently loaded   3. Find out how many licenses are available on the license server This information can be accessed from the client workstation, without the need [...]

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How to resolve user count issues when using a floating license from ICAM Technologies

All floating licenses provided by ICAM are issued for a particular maximum user count. This number represents the maximum number of individual client workstations that can request a license from the license server. If the maximum user count is exceeded, the license server will refuse the license request. For example, if your license has a [...]

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