Do you know that CAM-POST V21 has new options available to pause Material Removal and Gouge Detection?

The VM Mode toolbar has two new buttons (shown circled below) that can be used to temporarily inhibit material removal simulation (MRS) and tool vs. part gouge detection. When the "Pause Material Removal" menu bar selection is active, the in-process stock and machinable fixtures will not be affected by the cutting action of the tool. [...]

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What elements are needed for building a Virtual Machine simulation model in CAM-POST?

When building a simulation model in CAM-POST Virtual Machine, it is important to ensure that the 3D models of the machine elements in close proximity to the part (spindle, rotary heads and/or tables, chucks, etc.) are as accurate as possible. These elements are typically the most susceptible of entering in collision. Other elements such as [...]

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Did you know you can import more than one STL file with one click when configuring a Virtual Machine?

Starting with build code 1405 of CAM-POST v20.0, users can now select several STL files and import them together inside the Virtual Machine model. From the Simulation menu, pick the option Construct Entity, then Import. In the file browser, select all the STL files you wish to import. Note that this strategy will only work [...]

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How to speed up the simulation by properly configuring collision exclusion groups in CAM-POST Virtual Machine

When configuring a Virtual Machine model in CAM-POST, the users normally select which objects should be checked for collisions during machine simulation. However, some of these objects may be touching each other, therefore will be displayed as colliding. In such a case, users can disable collision detection between objects related to each other. This is [...]

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