ICAM & SIEMENS form Technology Alliance

Technology Partnership

In 2003, ICAM Technologies and SIEMENS created a technology partnership that combined the 40 years of advanced NC programming experience built into ICAM’s post-processing technology, CAM-POST, with SIEMENS’ sophisticated NC machine control expertise used to develop the SINUMERIK CNC motion control.

The product of this alliance is the development of a set of standardized post-processors that help to optimize the capabilities of the SINUMERIK, providing manufacturers with a strong and reliable NC post-processing solution specifically geared to meet complex machining needs.

This unique advanced technology partnership leverages continuous collaboration between both ICAM and SIEMENS senior technologists and scientists, ensuring that the integrated technology products allow manufacturers’ to optimize their significant investments in CNC machine tools.

ICAM Dedicated Post-Processors for SINUMERIK Controller Optimization

SINUMERIK Custom Post-Processors

ICAM’s dedicated NC post-processors have been developed to optimize the advanced functions of the SIEMENS SINUMERIK control by supporting advanced machine tool features such as tool-tip programming (TRAORI), coordinate frame transformations (ROT, TRANS…), NURBS interpolation and fitting (BSPLINE and POLY) and arc fitting of point-to-point data (CIP, G02 & G03).

To avoid dwell marks and over-travel, ICAM post-processors have been created with advanced forward-looking optimization features such as path planning and rotary axis pre-positioning /winding. Where required, ICAM post-processors also support rotary repositioning during contouring.

Benefits for SINUMERIK Users

  • Dedicated post-processors engineered to leverage the unique features and capabilities of SINUMERIK controllers
  • The features and benefits of the CAM-POST industry-leading advanced post-processing technology
  • Continuous collaboration between ICAM and SIEMENS R&D technologists ensure optimal NC machining performance
  • ICAM support and maintenance services ensure ongoing SIEMENS/ICAM post-processor technology upgrades and optimization
  • ICAM post processors support all major CAD / CAM / PLM systems and CNC equipment

Basic Post-Processor for SINUMERIK 802

  • 3-axes mill post-processor for mold & die applications
  • Arc-fitting & CIP Oblique circular interpolation
  • Advanced HSM functions (e.g. SOFT and BRISK)


Intermediate Post-Processor for SINUMERIK 810 / 840

  • 3-axes mill post-processor for mold & die applications
  • Arc-fitting & CIP Oblique circular interpolation
  • Standard SIEMENS Canned Cycles
  • Customizable HSM function based on CYCLE832


Advanced Post-Processor for SINUMERIK 840D

  • 5-axes mill post-processor
  • Arc-fitting & CIP Oblique circular interpolation
  • Customizable HSM function based on CYCLE832
  • Standard Canned Cycles
  • Dual curve 5D NURBS (with CATIA)
  • NURBS fitting & NURBS interpolation
  • TRAORI tool tip programming